I was listening to the all-sports radio station yesterday when the host mentioned how listeners could get in touch with him via the Web site, e-mail and, of course, Twitter.

The mention of Twitter surprised me because the host has for a long time dissed Twitter because he sees it as a forum where the amateurs muddy the waters with their comments, opinions and news reporting.

Now we’re talking about a guy who has been around for a long time so his attitude about Twitter is not surprising. So the fact he’s not only on Twitter but promoting the fact (probably because the radio station makes him do it) points to the fact even people who don’t particularly like social media or have much respect for it are doing it.

And that got me thinking about what happens when everyone’s doing social media. What then?

As the marketplace becomes more crowded and increasingly noisy (if there isn’t a cacophony already!), what does it mean about social media’s ability to resonate or be effective? Many companies that were first-movers enjoyed a competitive advantage but that’s eroding as the competition climbs on board.

It’s no longer good enough to be doing social media when everyone else is doing it as well.

The easy, no-brainer answer does social media better, be more engaged, more conversational and develop great content. But what does that mean?

Does it suggest success in social media is monitoring activity 24/7 so any inquiries or potential opportunities can be jumped on? Does it mean having a dedicated team to create compelling videos, blog posts, tweets, etc.? If so, does that mean whoever invests the most wins?


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