A WiFi router is a small device used to connect more than one device to the internet. It works as a middleman between the device such as mobile, laptop, etc., and the internet.

The technology used in it is mainly radio wave technology. Through this device, data can be transferred between the device and the internet.

After you bought a multi-device WiFi router for your work-place,  you started worrying, i.e., How long does a router last? To learn about this, we will have to go through several aspects that can potentially affect a router's lifespan. So without further ado, let's dive straight to the point.


Things affecting the lifespan of a WiFi router

There are a few things that affects the lifespan of a router. Users must know about the factors that affect the lifespan of routers. Here are a few factors.

Updated technology

One of the significant factors that affect the router's lifespan and functionality is the technology used for the connection. Now, for the fact that internet cables that connect from house to house get improved from day-to-day. So you also need to upgrade your router if it has an old version inorder to copeup with the modern generation.

Difficulties with the hardware

A scientific device such as a WiFi router is made up of numerous little technical pieces brought all together. After some time, it's hardware may become outdated and does not suit the router.

The small microprocessors present inside the router may get damaged after some time. This may degrade the connection. So these are some of the hardware malfunctions which reduces the lifespan of the router. 

Brand of the router

The user should be very careful in choosing the right brand for the router. The brand which has high market value is more advanced with technology. The brands like Asus, D-link, gives a pretty big lifespan of the it and broaden its performance. There is a model of Asus with 0 Ping and its ping does not drop even if twenty devices are connected to it. So choose your router device wisely.

Location of the router

The location at which the router is placed is a pretty big factor that decides the lifespan of the router. The installation of a router in highly crowded areas like a workspace hallway is of high risk.

The cables that hang from the router may can pull the router and it may break or damage it. It is preferred to install the router in a place where there are proper ventilation and dust-free. Gathering of dust inside the router can reduce the router's life span because of the unusual heat that occurred due to the dust.

Usage of a router

Users think that if they invest a good amount money on a router they can use it however they want. This is wrong. There is a limit in the usage of router and if it is overused  because of pressure from the devices then it is likely to get damaged soon.

Also, the overuse of a router causes overheating of the router, which eventually damages the internal parts, which can be very harmful to the router's lifespan.

How to detect the dying nature of the router?

Generally, a device will give many indications that it is dying. Well, the router is not so different. It also shows some signs that it is dying. I have mentioned some of the common signs that reflect the dying nature of the router.

Random loss of power

how long does a router last

When the router's connection is losing randomly, it indicates that the router's health is not very good. Sometimes the power of the router may turn off. It may happen due to the loose connection of the cables which eventually turns off the power.

Poor connection

The most frustrating thing for a user is having a poor connection with their devices. The loss of connection in their devices makes them irritated, especially when they are in a meeting or on a video call. The fact that the internet connection is all right in the LAN but poor in WiFi makes them even more irritated.

This case indicates that your router is almost in the deathbed. Sometimes moving the device closer to the it will improves the connection. But if then the problem remains, then its time for a change.

how long does a router last

Random reboots

Sometimes the router automatically reboots itself. This leads to simultaneous login with the password into the WiFi. There is a small computer present inside the router and it reboots itself when some hardware malfunction occurs inside the router. So this indicates that the internal parts are damaged and repairing the parts can fix the problem.

How to fix the router problem?

There are a few steps by which the user may fix the problem and extend a router's lifespan.

Check the use of the router

Overworking a router causes excessive heats, which damages the internal parts and threatens it's lifespan. Many routers can withstand the workload of many devices but still heavy workload may reduce the router lifespan. So check the use of the router and  put some restrictions on it.  This practice will expand the lifespan of your router. 

Change the router's location

The router should be placed out of the reach of children and placed in the location where it can be free from dust, preferably a place with a height in it. It should be placed where the ventilation is proper so that the heat produced can be dissipated.

Give it some rest

The user should give the router some rest after using it. Using the router over a long period will cause the internal parts to get damaged. It also helps clear the cache data.


Experts recommend that one should upgrade their router within a range of three to five years. Your router also needs to be changed, just like people change their smartphones and computers every two or three years. So, don't let yourself indulge in the "WiFi headache!". If your WiFi causes regular problems, it's better to switch to a newer one. As regular network interruptions will cause you to lose productivity in your regular work. Hope this article was interesting and useful.


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