Most of you are familiar with the feeling of putting on your favorite playlist with your headphones at the maximum volume and yet not able to feel the same boom as before, then you have to figure out to make headphones louder with perfect bass.

The most common reason may be that the volume settings need to be reconfigured in your phone and if it is not the settings then it can always be increased using a booster application. 

make headphones louder

Different environments, like a noisy commute, may call for cranking up your headphone's volume as loud as possible. It's especially convenient that there's more than one way to amp up the noise level of your smartphone headphones, depending on your environment. Although before you go ahead with the solutions, I have listed you need to be careful about hearing loss. 

Before proceeding with, you should know which type of headphone you are dealing with. Headphone for Android and laptop may have the same proceduces, but when it comes to iPhone headphones you need to work with some different process. Mostly, try to avoid listening to loud music for long periods as it may cause permanent damage. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is some speakers often distort after a certain point.

tips and tricks to make headphones louder

Now let us go ahead with a few tips and tricks to enhance the volume, before that make sure your both side headphone working properly if not fix it:

1) Simple Pre-existing Issues

As the title suggests, they are simply the issues related to the inbuilt settings or dust. Ensure that your phone or PC volume settings are optimum. Go through the media slider section and select volume control for applications that alter the volume according to the application.

Go through the sound and effects section that allows you to improve the overall audio quality. If this does not improve, then the simple problem might be dust in your speaker grille or jack. The easiest way for a cleared sound will be to use a rolled-up cello tape or an earbud to clean the headphone jack and grille regularly.

Finally, if you specifically use Bluetooth headphone check for volume settings or make sure they are charged as low volume and clarity is often a result of low power

2) Booster Application

There are many booster applications available for free on the app store that help boost the volume on your phone. Most of these applications work adequately. Different apps are made for different phones, so you might want to install and go through a bit of trial and error before you find the one.

Booster Application

They can increase and enhance the volume up to 40% which is a great deal more comparatively. One thing to keep in mind is once you install is that although using these apps occasionally will do no harm, but in the long run, they can damage the internal system and speaker hardware. There are some very good options separately for Windows, iPhone and Android.

3) Amplifier

We are ending with this as if you do not want to buy a new pair of headphones, and you might as well use an external device that amplifies the sound minus the distortion. This is the last resort, but still it is included on the list.

Headphone Amps

Using an amplifier or a headphone amp has its benefits as it amplifies the sound and includes added benefits such as bass, increases the range, and clarity. You will get the most organic audio with every nuance of the song. This is the best option if you own over the earphones with high impedance so that these amps can give the drivers the much-needed push.

difference between Android, PC and iPhone 

Using Headphones and enhancing the volume can be different for all three platforms. For example, if you need to enhance the volume on PC, you most need it for gaming and you can use the EQ section or use boosters.

When it comes to the iPhone, you might want to check its volume limits in the Music option and use the slider to increase it till the top. If this does not work, then use the equalizers offered.

Lastly, when it comes to Android, you need to first consider the headphones for its sensitivity and impedance, then move to the inbuilt settings of your phone. Also, most android users buy an amp so you might want to weigh in your options.


At the end of the day, if you own a pair of bad headphones no matter how much you fiddle with the settings, you still get stuck with a bad pair. The best time and money-saving option will be to buy a new investment-worthy piece.

You might want to go for a noise-canceling one as most of the time ambient noise also affects the sound. On the other hand, if you own a good pair and need to enhance them, then considering my tips may do you some good.

Hope you find this "how to make headphones louder" article useful. Cheers.!


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