Do you Want to Root Smartwatch?

Yes, you read that right. Just like your phones, your smartwatches can also be rooted. Although, if you have landed on this page then you probably don't know How To Root Smartwatch. The questions remain, can it be done? Is it easy? Should you root your smartphone?  There are just a couple of things you need to know before you go through with it. 

How To Root Smartwatch

Think of rooting that can make your android smartwatch fly by replacing the kernel with hyper-optimized versions or even overclocking the CPU. Sounds pretty cool right!... And one of the main reasons you need root access is to discover all the aspects of the file system of the watch and yes, you can easily unlock the system with the help of bootloaders. Keep in mind that you must only acquire root access if you need it, or when you have a recovery image as a backup.

You can rest assured that anything can be altered with mods, ROM, and certain simple hacks that will help unlock the system. There are many methods online, but below I have listed a few that will not only be useful, but also easy for those of you who are not familiar with the process.

How TO root A smartwatch?

1) A straightforward application

Yes, you have applications on your app store that are made for rooted smartwatches, meaning it can easily change those settings that are not rooted. The features that you can control everything from disabling system software or applications, system language, vibrational amount, LCD, date, and time, among others.

If you are looking for a simple organic method of control, this is your best bet, especially if you are a novice who cannot be bothered by the technical aspects of rooting.

2) Use your own ROM

Custom ROM is something a little more complex, but easy to get the hang of once you have your custom ROM that helps improve the simplicity of use of the watch.

Although it makes it harder when you have updates, you can always work your way around it by going back to stock when you are notified of the update. So, if you are thinking of upgrading the system then, this method of custom ROM will do the trick.

3) ADB over the Bluetooth

ADB debugging is the most common method out there, you are most likely to find this on every question forum or technical guide. As the name suggests, you simply run the ADB of your Bluetooth connection after enabling the developer routes.

It is very important to enable the options first especially when it's your watch to ensure smooth communication with the computer with a driver. The idea is to use the bluetooth connection of your watch to root especially if you have an android device.

How To Root Smartwatch

What can you do after rooting A SMARTWATCH?

Let us start with the reason that most of you want to root your watch. You can easily run an APK file meaning you will be able to use any application of your choice. The only off chance of the use is that not many APKs are built for the small screen, so pick the apps you want to install carefully.

The next thing you can change is the settings that may include the brightness, vibration level, dimmer settings, that go beyond what you are normally allowed.

If you are concerned about restrictions and if the manufacture will be notified, then you need not worry as there is no way of knowing it. The fact of the matter is that rooting your watch is a whole lot simpler than rooting a phone.


You can root your watch to replace its software with the one you are more comfortable with. The above processes are simply removing the system applications and using the custom settings to alter preexisting ones. Bear in mind that although it is a simple hack, you need to ensure that whatever changes you make are simple, and if you do install an APK, they are from safe websites only.

Additionally, please do not rely on unsafe fast boots either and let the device reboot once you have finished rooting. Though if you use my straightforward, safe methods, you get complete control over the settings, so what are you waiting for?


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