The entrepreneurial adventures of my friend, Stuart MacDonald, have taken a really exciting turn with the much-anticipated launch of (Tripharbour for all of us Canadians!)

Known for months as “Project X” while being developed, Tripharbor is a place where can research and book cruises, as well as connect with other cruising aficionados – and there are a growing number of them out there. Stuart was kind enough to give a bunch of us a sneak peek last week, and Tripharbor is really impressive!

Here’s how Tripharbor describes itself:

We want Tripharbor to be the sort of place where people can get all the information they could ever need to learn about and plan really great cruises. Where they can meet other cruise vacationers and join a community of cruise fans, get the skinny on the various cruise lines and destinations, share opinions, and generally make the cruise planning experience just about a million times better.

My only cruising experience was taking Queen Elizabeth II from France to New York when I was 12-years-old but from what I can tell, cruising has changed dramatically and it’s a fast-growing market appealing a wide variety of demographics and interests.

I’m not sure I can convince the-one-who-rules (aka my lovely, sweet and kind wife) to actually take a cruise but I’m stoked about Tripharbor. I’m excited Stuart is doing something entrepreneurial that he’s passionate about, and I’m excited to see a Canadian start-up launch with bold ambitions to really disrupt how an industry operates.


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