The need to have proper bandwidth is a huge necessity, especially when matters related to connections are concerned. Amid the secret contention by Torrent Freak, a secret data shows the fact that Roger’s has been misusing, or in fact, misleading the bandwidth numbers within a particular traffic area.

This is a major cause of concern, as a certain percentage is now distributed between emails, while regular traffic is also getting in between. Although Roger doesn’t claim a façade, the situation is intense and serious blocking is going on.

Hence, individuals using the P2P traffic could now face slow connections, just because half of the connection is now diverted!

What is the new scenario today?

With all this going now, Roger’s is not in the mood to accept its mistakes. As a result, traffic is not under control, resulting in huge bandwidth changes. Due to the exceptional surge in the area of P2P traffic, Roger’s is not changing the current percentage of bandwidth allocation here as well.

Therefore, in keeping up with this growing demand for proper connection on every frontier, the new decision calls up Roger to revise its usage.

This means that Roger is now considering a re-evaluation, where the bandwidth percentages will be settled all over again so that there is no clogging of the traffic.

Plus, the changes should not cause any sort of clogging in the P2P signal highway too. This will also help individuals accessing this path, to get a proper connection.

Will Roger be able to do this quickly?

As the reports suggest, Roger is still thinking about this process. It will take some time in finalizing the actual setups and how to implement this step all over again. Hence, it is advised to keep track of all the latest updates of Roger today!


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