In the age when a majority of the world is practically living on digital platforms, social media has become a major means of employment and a stable and steady source of income for some. In this wake, more and more people are looking to expand their horizons and begin working on social media, as it provides one to transform one’s hobby into a means of earning a livelihood.

It is a natural human tendency that one would want to succeed on social media if they are taking it seriously. A throng of tips and tricks to achieve social media success and gaining a huge online audience, while amplifying one’s presence are available on the internet. However, many of such articles promote and encourage a disturbing mentality; that being a formulaic method and deliberate actions to achieve this success.

There is nothing wrong in maintaining and following a routine, or building a strategy. However, if this routine calls for deliberate rituals being employed to woo audiences or potential collaborators, then it would be nothing short of a chore. A successful blogger, Chris Brogan subscribes to a similar school of thought, wherein he prescribes ‘checking up on people’s birthdays from Facebook and wishing them via e-mail’ to make it ‘seem’ like a sincere effort. It is nothing but the opposite.

The very reason for the recent propulsion of engagement on social media is because of the audiences connecting to brands and products on a more intimate and personal level. This is based on the transparency and honesty projected from them. There are no hard and fast rules or steps to follow to gain social media success in a single day.

Hence, one cannot make it a daily chore to do the same things over and again to achieve something on it. Hence, if one is looking to expand its social media presence sustainably, one needs to be true to oneself and build long-lasting relationships with a sincere effort and friendly approach.


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