Freedom of speech and expression is a freedom that has been granted to us by our Constitution. In this digital era, the most common method of using this freedom is through expressing our opinions on a particular topic using comments. You can always find people engaging themselves in an argument on the comments box.

However, these days people have become digitally busier than they used to be. So, they don’t find time to even read an article, let alone commenting on it. Does this mean it is the end of the road for comments?

When you look at the digital trends, you will realize that people who love expressing their opinions through tech devices like laptops, PCs, and Smartphones to comments on the avenues of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

This being said, they are very unlikely to comment and express their views on any other avenue due to the lack of time to do the same. People love reading articles and blogs on various topics, but they do not necessarily find the time to comment on the same.

Another interesting fact which has been noted by studies is that the creators of a blog expect their readers to comment on their blog as a mark of feeling included. However, these creators do not take the time to reciprocate the same by commenting on other blogs.

A prospective solution to this issue is that there are websites that have been created especially to exchange ideas. The blog post can be focused on the topic of public importance or interest. This will help in the creation and exchange of views, ideas, and arguments on the topic.

Maybe if people spent lesser time on insignificant things, they will have more time for appreciating the views of someone.


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