why is my macbook pro so hot?

Why is my MacBook Pro so hot? If this is your situation, then you are at the right place. I will tell you why the overheating happens as well as the solution to fix it.

One of the computer manufacturing giants in today's world is Apple. They introduced to Macbook pro, which is a series of computers in the mackintosh series.  The first Macbook pro was introduced in January 2006. Since then, the series was worldwide popular due to its functionality and quicker response time.

This was a breakthrough in the modern technology world, which is becoming more and more demanding. Customers are always in need of more durable and more advanced technology.

The Macbook Pro consists of many parts that enhance the performance of the computer. Due to more working hours of the device, it gets heated up on a regular basis. This is the problem faced by many users. A Macbook Pro works differently in hot and cold conditions.

What is the effect of heat on a Macbook Pro?

As stated earlier, a computer always works differently when it is hot or cold condition. Normally a computer works fine in warm conditions. But in Macbook, the use of the device in a hot condition for long time could result in hardware malfunctions. The critical pieces of the CPU present inside the Macbook may get damaged, which can cause a problem in the short term or long term.

Overheating of Macbook results in poor performance and freezing up the screen. The use of an overheated Macbook for a long time can cause automatical shut down and result in data loss, which the Macbook does to protect itself. Similarity can be found in a car. If it runs for a long time in a very hot condition, the performance of the engine starts decreasing.

Why is my MacBook Pro So Hot?

There are many potential causes for which the device gets heated up. Let's look up at a few of the reasons for the overheating of the device. The age of the Macbook is also a major factor. If the device is very old and is overheating after a small amount of time, then try to change the device.

1. Demanding Applications

The main problem and the most frequent cause for overheating of the device is the running of applications that takes up space and much of the CPU storage. There are many such available applications on the internet that are used on a daily basis.

Normally there is no problem with running these applications on the computer, but if numerous amounts of these types of high demanding applications are running in the Macbook, then it can cause overheating. 


2. Check the Surfaces at Which the Macbook is Kept

MacBook is a laptop, but that does not mean that the best place to keep it is on the lap of a person. Moreover, the soft surface hinders the airflow inside of the device, which results in the heating of the device. The fan which is present inside the device might not work properly if the air vents are blocked by a surface like sheets, cloth, etc.

3. Playing Games


One other cause of overheating can be playing games for a long time. Heavy games like CSGO, call of duty, Valiant, etc., can cause the microprocessor of the Macbook to heat up, resulting in freezing up of the screen and low performance.

The games that require an internet connection to play are the main cause if heating up as the motherboard is being used to the full extent. This can cause a future problem with the motherboard.

4. Clean the Device

Often the users do not clean the Macbook, which leads to clots in the fan section. This can cause the problem of heating after a few hours of use of the device. The dirt causes the fan to not work properly, which results in the improper flow of air.

Also, the collection of dirt above the motherboard causes heating of it. Sometimes the built-in vents of the Macbook get clogged up with dirt, which, as a result, produces the problem of overheating of the device, so try to clean your device regularly with an air duster or a can of compressed to stop overheating.

How To Solve This Problem Of Overheating?

Here are some ways with which the problem of overheating of Macbook pro can be solved.

1. Close The Unwanted Applications

The best way to prevent unwanted heating of the Macbook is to close the running applications, which are highly demanding. To perform this task, the user should visit the Activity Monitor to see the list of the applications which are using most of the CPU storage. 

To find Activity Monitor, one should follow the steps:

  • Open Finder and Click on Applications.
  • Click on Utilities.
  • Click on Activity Monitor.

Closing the applications should stop the overheating of the Macbook. The user should give some time to cool the device down; after that, it will work, and performance will improve.


2.Avoid Placing the Device on Top of Soft Surfaces

The overheating is often caused due to interruption in airflow inside the device. Always stay clear of placing the device on a soft surface for a long time which may result in poor performance after a certain length of time. The air vents on the back or side of the device should always be blockage free. Air should be allowed inside the device without any hindrance.

Always place a Macbook on top of a book or shelf if you are working for a long amount of time. Having a flat and hard surface helps in air circulation and cooling of the device. The users should take this precaution in order to avoid heating issues with the device.

4. Take a Break from Games

After long hours of gaming, the device Macbook may get heated due to the long use of the processor. The best way to avoid this is to give some time to cool it down otherwise in the long run some difficulty may arise. Always the user should check that the laptop is placed in such a way that the air circulation is proper.

5. Cleaning The Dirt Accumulated


Cleaning the air vents can be a really helpful decision in order to stop the overheating problem with the Macbook. The vents should be located on either side of the keyboard or on the underside of the display.

The fans inside the device should also be cleaned once in a while. The cleaning procedure requires a small delicate brush to clean up the vents or air duster can blow away the dust particles.


If the Macbook gets heated up, the user should use the above steps in order to solve the problem. Data loss due to the shutting down of the laptop by overheating can be minimized by following these procedures. If the problem still prevails then contact the store and the user might have to buy a new laptop. Age is a factor for the heating problem. More the age, the higher the probability over having this problem with the Macbook.

I hope you got the solution for your problem now, if you find someone asking this question "Why Is My MacBook Pro So Hot", share them this article. Cheers!


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