You could use your regular controller to play your PS5 games if you are gaming for fun or relaxation. But if you are serious about gaming and are really passionate about it, you cannot risk having a regular controller. This is why people who are more passionate about these kinds of games choose to opt for a fight stick which is also commonly called an arcade stick. 

Best Fightstick For PS5 Gaming

The fight stick is a gaming controller that resembles the old controllers that you might find in Arcades that you used to play during most of your childhood. It suits street fighter kind of games where you need to be quick and has combo moves that need clicking more than one button simultaneously.

This is why gamers prefer fight sticks for combat games, and hence, their need for the fightstick for PS5 widens. So it is recommended to get the best fightstick for PS5 gaming experience the zeal while playing fight-oriented games. 

However, choosing the best one for any gaming equipment you choose is really important for a gamer. I am listing out the best fightstick for PS5 that you might want to check out before choosing the best one that suits your needs.


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Mayflash - Best Fightstick For PS5

Mayflash F300 Arcade

  • Complete metal body

  • 1 x USB port for wired controllers
  • Rubber feet for grip
Qanba - Best of Fightstick

Qanba Drone

  • 1 x Qanba joystick and 8 x buttons

  • Compartment for the USB cable

  • Anti-slip bottom pad
MAD CATZ STREET-Best Fightstick For PS5

Mad Catz Street

  • Sanwa Hardware components
  • 1 x ball-top lever, 8 x buttons
  • Touchpad for in-game controls
Hori  - Best Fightstick For PS5


  • Officially licensed by SIEA.

  • Noir Layout
  • Button assignment feature


  • Authentic and reliable Sanwa Denshi parts

  • Full metal enclosure fight stick

  • Removable stick



Mayflash - Best Fightstick For PS5


  • System Compatibility: PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo

  • Buttons:

  • USB AvailabilityYes

  • Best For: Supports Android gaming and arcade gaming

If you are looking for a compact and perfect fightstick that can be easily customized according to your needs, then the Mayflash F300 is just the perfect buy you are looking for.

Talking about the design, Mayflash F300 has a decent design, and I find it very compact and yet efficient in every possible way. Due to its size, it won't occupy a lot of space.

The joystick and button layout looks quite typical of what you usually find on an arcade stick.

The hardware is compatible with Sanwa buttons and joystick, thus making it more durable and trusted among gamers. It comes with an X/Y and Dpad where if the switch is set to "X/Y, the stick will work as a Left joystick, and if the switch is set to Dpad, the stick works as POV.

In general games use fight sticks for combat games, steering wheel for PS5 racing games. But this best arcade stick for PS5 is compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles and devices, which makes it an all-in-one for all your fighting games across all the devices you own.

As you know, speed is an important factor in gaming, and the fightstick has two modes Turbo-1 and Turbo-2, to alter the speed at which the buttons and combinations can be used. I was quite surprised at how sturdy this fightstick has been made for the price it is offered.

The metal body makes it look strong and durable, while the rubber feet make sure that the fightstick does not slip away while gaming.

With an added USB pin that supports Android gaming, this arcade stick is indeed the best one for your PS5 and other gaming consoles. It is one of those arcade sticks that I wish I had known about earlier so that I could have had a better buy option.


  • Mayflash joystick and eight buttons compatible with the Sanwa model

  • Complete metal body

  • 1 x USB port for wired controllers

  • Multiple modes for joystick and buttons
  • You can update the firmware on their official website


  • Durable
  • Non-Slip
  • Wider Compatibility
  • Easy-to-use
  • Worth the buy


  • Fightstick is small for big guys 


Qanba - Best of Fightstick


  • System CompatibilityCompatible with PCs and PS 
  • Buttons: 
  • USB CompatibilityCompartment for the USB cable
  • Best ForFor a action arcade games 

Sony authorizes this fightstick. If you are looking for an authorized and recommended fighting stick just for your PlayStation then, this one is just perfect for you. Do I need to tell you more? But, anyways, I will explain why this one is a wonderful product.

The Qanba Drone is the best PS5 fightstick that is available for PlayStation, and it's also the one that I regret not knowing about it while I needed a fightstick.

It is designed to be lightweight, durable, and perfect for beginners. The size of the fightstick is smaller compared to the other competitors, but this one is equally effective. Qanba has taken the transportability of the Fightstick to the next level by providing it with a compartment and a USB cable for gaming on the go.

The buttons are of the best quality and help you play noise-free, and gives the fastest response possible. This fight stick will be ideal for those who use  PS5 microphones for game streaming and podcasting. With wider compatibility with PS and PCs, the Qanba Drone Fightstick is just perfect for every kind of gamers who loves combat-oriented games.

Since Sony officially licenses the product, it is a trusted buy for gamers looking to buy a fightstick just for their PlayStation devices. No doubt it is one of the best fight sticks available.


  • 1 x Qanba joystick and 8 x buttons
  • Compartment for the USB cable
  • Anti-slip bottom pad
  • Compatible with PCs and PS
  • It has an X-input and direct input drivers
  • Officially licensed by Sony


  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to mod
  • Faster button response
  • Noise-free


  • Buttons not durable


MAD CATZ - Best Fightstick For PS5


  • System Compatibility: Compatible with PS3/PS4/PS5
  • Buttons: 
  • USB CompatibilityYes
  • Best For: Touch games, arcade, fighting 

If you miss the good old days where you used to play the street fighter in your favorite arcade, then you are in luck. This fightstick brings back all the good old memories by incorporating a design that resembles the old arcade stick structure. It has a typical layout that is extremely durable and comes with the Sanwa Denshi parts.

This fightstick has a Vewlix-style design and comes with eight action buttons that operate in an extremely smooth and fast manner. 

This fightstick is extremely versatile, for the joystick can be used as an analog stick (either left or right) or as a D-Pad, thus supporting all games and not just fighting games.

Although the design follows a classic arcade stick pattern, the TES+ has an inbuilt touch screen that allows you to access the in-game option by touch or swipe, as you do on your smartphone. Moreover, this fight stick is compatible with most other controller to play your PS5 games. Now, this is my favorite feature, and this is exactly why I chose this one to be on my list for the best fightstick for you, PS5.

It is also a premium tournament-grade design that lets you disable the start/options buttons to avoid unnecessary hassles between gaming. So I can say in every way the TES+ from Mad Catz is a perfect fightstick for gamers to play any games on your Playstation. But I ought to mention that the 8-way shapes don't work well with classic arcade games that demand 4-way input, such as PAC-MAN.


  • Sanwa Hardware components
  • PS5 compatible fightstick
  • Versatile gaming modes for the ball-top lever
  • Touchpad for in-game controls
  • Comes with two buttons, L3 and R3 for extra in-game control
  • Reliable USB connectivity


  • Durable hardware
  • Great design
  • Helpful Touchpad
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Worth the buy


  • Bit difficult to start


HORI REAL - Best Fightstick For PS5


  • System CompatibilityCompatible with PS5/PS4/PS3
  • Buttons: 8
  • USB CompatibilityNo
  • Best ForArcade, fighting

If you are a person who prefers certified and verified products over the other usual ones, regardless of anything else, then I suggest the HORI Real Arcade Pro. This fightstick is officially certified by SIEA.

The design of the fightstick is premium and of high durability. The black color fightstick looks ravishing and stands out from the usual design. The fightstick 

I could see that the fightstick is spacious and also balances weights perfectly, thus making gaming on it easier. It has a perfect distance between the joystick and the buttons, which makes gaming easier than usual.

The circular motions of the ball lever are so smooth that gamers rely on these at all times. The turbo functions and their response time is faster, thus enabling better gaming. Although everything else about Arcade Pro N Hayabusa is typical like any other Fightstick, the noir layout and black with the gold design are amazing, which is why it is on my list for the best fightstick for PS5.

Overall, I would like to tell you that this arcade stick was designed to be user-friendly and is one of the best PS5 accessories you will ever get. So don't miss it.


  • Officially licensed by SIEA.
  • Noir Layout.
  • Metallic gold design
  • 1 x joystick, 8 x buttons
  • Button assignment feature
  • Compatible with PS4 & PS5


  • User-friendly Layout
  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Button assignment is perfect


  • Buttons are bit loud.


VICTRIX - Best Fightstick for PS5


  • System CompatibilityAlumimium
  • Button: 8
  • USB Compatibility: No
  • Best For: Online Combat Games

If you are into Ps5 gaming and value the response time over any other feature of your fightstick, then the Victrix Pro FS is the best-suited one for you. It gives you an amazingly fast response with each button's click and moves, so you get a better hand at online combat games.

The slopy design of the fightstick makes it comfortable for the user to play with, and the exact weight along with the non-slip pads lets the fightstick stay on your lap or table. You can notice a complete metal enclosure body made from aircraft-grade aluminum and a perfect shape suited for a better gaming experience. If you are someone who have enjoyed  playing ps5 keyboard and mouse games, then this fightstick will take your gaming experience to next level.

It is included with a link two detachable shaft that is travel-ready. So you can carry this fightstick anywhere without worrying about damaging the joystick.

Pro FS gives you complete control, where you can use the programmable buttons to perform certain functions and the fully customizable audio, lighting, and easy to access door feature using which you can swap components gives you the convenience to play games.

If you ask me why I would buy this best fightstick for PS5, then I would say that it has built-in handles, amazing design and comfort it offers while playing. Though I was a bit disappointed that it lacked a touch screen panel, but still considering the price, this fightstick does a good job. 


  • Metal Built
  • Anti-Slip Pads
  • 1 x joystick, 8 x buttons
  • Aesthetic and unique design
  • Complete customization


  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good gaming experience
  • Worth the buy


  • Stick lag.


Razer Panthera Dragon Ball Fighter Z - Best Fightstick for PS5


  • System Compatibility: Compatible with PS5, PS4, PS3

  • Buttons: 10 buttons
  • USB Availability: No
  • Best For: Compatible with fighting games

The Razer Panthera Fightstick is the best one that any gamer could ask for. It uses premium Sanwa hardware components and is a fighting machine that can be confidently used in fighting tournaments. I love how the fighting box's weights are perfectly balanced, and that helps it stay on your lap without slipping in between gaming.

Also, if you are someone who enjoys changing the joystick and buttons to suit your mood and style of gaming then, this one might be the best fightstick for you. It is completely mod-capable and allows you to customize the buttons and joysticks effortlessly.

There is an internal storage compartment inside the fighting box that can be easily accessed, with space for an included screw-lock cable, ball top joystick, and a screwdriver. This kind of makes the arcade stick multi-functional.

Another reason to call this one the best PS5 fightstick is that it can opt to a tournament gaming mode in which the start options button gets disabled, thus letting you play without any hindrance.

With a compatible range of modes and options for all the major fighting games, the Razer Panthera is a perfect fightstick for people who love playing combat-oriented games on your PS5.


  • Sanwa hardware components
  • Internal storage compartment
  • Tournament gaming mode
  • Fully mod-capable
  • Flip locks to adjust the height in seconds


  • Great quality hardware

  • Easy-to-customize
  • Compatible with Ps5, Ps4, Ps3

  • Great customer service
  • Worth the buy


  • No headphone jack




  • System Compatibility: Compatible with Ps5/Ps4/Ps3
  • Button: 10
  • USB Compatibility: Wired USB
  • Best For:  Menu-driven games

Equipped with premium Sanwa grade premium hardware buttons and joystick, the Qanba Dragon is an amazing fightstick that I wish I had known earlier about. It is officially licensed by Sony that makes it a lot more trusted. The switching between Ps3, Ps4, and PC has never been so easy.

Using the easy navigation menu from Sony you can switch between devices or navigate through the PS menu easily. You can also use the lock button to avoid any mishaps while gaming. With an even easier way to modify the buttons and joystick, the Qanba Dragon brings you the most user-friendly built design for a fightstick.

With a stylish design and braided USB cable to connect the devices to your fightstick, the dragon indeed has become the best fightstick available for an affordable price for you. If you want to connect other accessories, use an external USB hub for PS5. I would definitely recommend Qanba Dragon for its durability and trusted name among other manufacturers.


  • Officially licensed by Sony
  • Sanwa hardware build
  • Easy PS navigation
  • Anti-Slip padding


  • Premium Japanese arcade joystick & buttons promises durability
  • Braided cable and easy-to-use cable storage
  • LED lighting effects
  • Excellent ergonomic design


  • Heavy


Pro Arcade


  • System Compatibility: compatible with most of the PS, Xbox, and PC devices
  • Button: 8
  • USB Compatibility: Yes
  • Best For: Versatile arcade Games

The PXNX9 from PXN is an amazing fightstick that is widely compatible with most of the PS, Xbox, and PC devices widely used. So in a way, you can purchase this one for your PC or PS5 and still use it for all your gaming devices.

The Premium Sanwa hardware makes the Fightstick highly durable and also allows you to customize the buttons according to your preference. The fightstick allows versatile gaming with a one-click toggle between the D-Pad/ Left analog stick/ Right analog stick.

It also gives you a complete gamer set up by lighting the LED light on your buttons with a one-button touch. With all these features available at a reasonable price, the PXNX9 is indeed the best fightstick for your PS5.


  • Sanwa Hardware
  • Completely customizable
  • LED light on buttons
  • Versatile gaming joystick


  • Durable design
  • Easy-to-customize
  • One-click toggle in between modes
  • Wider compatibility


  • Needs controller to connect to PS4

Factor to consider while buying the best fightstick for PS5

Usually, it is recommended to choose the one that suits your budget as well as the expectations. But I am going to give you some serious tips.

Size: If you intend to carry the fightstick when you travel or carry it to your friend's house, then you must choose a portable fightstick that is lightweight as well.

Compatibility: This is the most crucial feature you must consider. Check the fightstick's platform compatibility. There are many third-party products that help fight stick work with any console. You can also find consoles that come with built-in multi-platform support. But still, it is important to know whether the fightstick you are planning to buy is compatible with your console.

Layout: You can also notice the button and joystick arrangement differs for each fightstick. Some buttons are placed in parallel lines, and some have their rightmost button placed in a particular layout. Also, you will find that joysticks have rounded tops, whereas some have a baton-style top.


This concludes the article and my list of the best fightstick for PS5 available in the market. These best fight sticks are not listed out in a particular ranking but are just one from each category that is affordable for users of all kinds.

I hope you can find one that suits you the best from the list, and with the help of your best fightstick for PS5, enjoy great new games like the good old arcade days!


I am Scarlett, who is contributing to the tech posts on this website. The one who probably spends the entire time testing the latest accessories and reviewing the best products in this blog. From these blog posts, you can find the ultimate products. If you are ahead to buy some exclusive accessories, then give a read to the blogs to find the right product at a reasonable price.

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