When you have the latest PS5 in your hands, you would want the best PS5 remote control as well. People may often think about why one requires a ps5 remote controller, but it is sort of a necessity.

Imagine you want to navigate and explore your PlayStation 5; guess who comes in need? Of course, a PS5 media remote. This is what this article intends to do by providing you with its important features, benefits, and the best PlayStation 5 remote controls available in the market.

remote - PS5 Remote Control



This product is the official Sony media remote, made especially for the PS5 appliance. Handling this PS5 tv remote is not difficult, as with one press on the button, you get what you wish for. Menus, channels, and volume levels can be easily controlled smoothly.

Even today's most popular streaming channels, such as Netflix or Spotify, can be accessed by this PS5 media remote. Whether it's a gaming session, music time, or a movie night, this remote helps to reach out to all. Its soft and sleek appearance feels good on the hand while holding, and it is also extremely easy to connect to multiple devices.

All that you will need to get this PS5 remote working is a pair of AA batteries, and once you have connected it to your PS5, the remote is all good to use! 

Noting some of its extraordinary features:

  • Easy provision of Media Playback controls with its play, pause, fast-forward, and fast-reverse buttons.
  • Highly compatible with the PS5 console.
  • There are specific app buttons as well, such as for Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and Disney+.
  • It can be used to navigate a television for volume and power control.

Why must you buy it?

I believe you must buy this because it's a direct Sony PS5 media remote, so all the requirements are already cased into this compact machine. Apart from it, there is an assurance of lasting long and being reliable. 


If one has to describe this Playstation media remote, then simple, creative, and effortless are the only words. Whether it is the compact and sleek design or the control buttons that are offered, one is all for praise. There is no lagging when you're using this PS5 accessory to connect, navigate channels or adjust the volume.

It's like butter! Another thing that it offers, unlike most PS5 media remotes, is its compatibility even with the PS4 device. Operating it is also easy, and pressing any button on this Playstation media remote awakes the remote from its power-saving mode. Setting this up is also a piece of cake!

You need to purchase a pair of AAA batteries, and once you have paired it up with your PS5, your PS5 remote control is in full running. 

Now, coming to some of its qualities:

  • Bluetooth connection can be easily enabled.
  • Essential controls such as volume, power, and input are available to use for Television, Netflix, Amazon, Crunchyroll, Media Player, etc.
  • Highly compatible for not just a PS5, but also PS4 with basic action and share buttons.
  • Sturdy and made up of good-quality material.

Why must you buy it?

The PDP media remote PS5 is a must-buy, given its unique Bluetooth provision and positive reactions from customers all around the world. This PS5 remote control has also been officially licensed by Sony itself. 


The market offers us a variety of products, some similar to each other and some unique. With so many types and features offered to us, it does get confusing to choose the best one. Being a smart shopper is always better than a rash one. 

So, coming to the question of how to choose a PS5 remote control? Before we move on to the features, let's see the basics that the above two PS5 remote controls own.

  • Both the products are in the same price range, making them neither too expensive and neither too cheap nor low-standard. The stated PS5 media remote price is said to be in the perfect range, and even if you choose something outside of the list, make sure to not spend over this range. 
  • They are also made of high-quality materials, which allows them to work for a long time even after quite a few hard bumps or falls. This is one of the most important qualities that any product must consist of, because after all, we want our product to last for a long time, right?
  • They are both wireless, so using them does not require any complications. This also ticks off another feature of being portable! You just need batteries, and you are good to go travel around with it.

Now, let's take a look at the features that you must keep in mind before purchasing a PS5 remote control-

  • Decide firstly if you want a normal or an advanced Bluetooth connection type. Both such kinds are easily available in the market, and once you affirm this depending on your comfort level, choosing PS5 remotes becomes easier.
  • See the number of buttons or the types of buttons that are present on the PS5 tv remote because some remotes provide you with extra features. So, if you think you require such specific buttons, you should go for it.

Overall, whatever product or brand you wish to go for, make sure to spend wisely on a worthy one!


Does using PS5 remotes act as a compulsion?

No, using PS5 remotes does not, of course, act as a compulsion. It ultimately all comes down to making things easier for you so that you can take whatever action quickly and continue with your entertainment. You can always navigate with your controller, but a PS5 remote controller makes your work quicker. 

Does a Playstation 5 media remote work on the other PlayStation series?

No, not only a PlayStation 5 media remote but any PS5 accessories do not work or are not compatible with other PlayStation series. They are only meant to be used on the PS5 device. 

What happens after my Playstation 5 remote control stops working?

There can be many issues as to the sudden stopping of your remote. The most common could be that its batteries have been drained and need to be replaced with a new set to start working again. There can also be some internal problems that can be seen at your nearest Playstation store itself. 


Thus, this is where the article ends now. I am of the hope that you have attained all the information that you wished to know and that you are on your way to buy a PS5 remote control. Make sure to buy a worthy product and not waste your money on anything below average. After all, getting to undergo a great experience is what all of us deserve, and using a PS5 remote control just makes our lives a little bit easier. So, why not go for it?


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