We all love our phone cases and iPad covers...but did you know your PS5 controller could use some protection too? PlayStation controller skins are a great way to personalize your device.

You can choose from hundreds of patterns and designs while also enhancing your gameplay because a lot of these skins improve grip and protect your controllers from scratches. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the best PS5 controller skins on the market!



Aosai has some great Playstation 5 controller skins in a bunch of different colors for you to choose from. This will only cost you around $10, and you’ll get two skins along with eight thumb grips to make gameplay more convenient.

The skins are made of quality silicone, so your fingers won’t be slipping around on the controller. Also, the surface is studded so that you can enjoy comfortable gameplay.

I personally loved this controller skin because it is sturdy and also protects my DualSense controller from getting scratched. 

You'll see this list grow and grow over time as we extend our testing. If you are into game streaming and podcasting then these skins are one of the most important PS5 accessories to get.

Let’s look at some notable features.

  • Skins come in 22 different colors, including camouflage and rainbow
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Provides a textured grip
  • They fit neatly and tightly over the controller
  • The thumb grips are quite useful

Why must you buy it?

This is a great budget option for PS5 enthusiasts, and you get a lot of variety in terms of color. You can dress up your controllers however you like! The silicone will also provide enough protection, so you don’t have to worry about any random accidents. 


Another good option for a PS5 controller skin is from eXtremeRate, and this is just slightly over the $10 mark, which is a really good deal.

The silicone grip is durable and protects your controllers from dirt and scratches. You get one PS5 remote skin and six thumb grips, and each skin is monochrome.

If you’re not one for glaringly bright colors, this is a great assortment to choose from because the colors are slightly more toned down but still very pleasing to look at!

Lastly, like the AOSAI PS5 Controller Skin, the handgrip areas of this eXtremeRate skin are also studded to prevent the controller from slipping off your hand.

Onto some features.

  • 14 colors to choose from, including shades of grey, racing green, and cherry blossom pink
  • A 3D studded design prevents slippage
  • Installs neatly and cleanly
  • Cut to fit the controller perfectly
  • Installation guides are available online

Why must you buy it?

If you prefer more muted, pastel colors, or some darker colors, then eXtremeRate has a pretty good collection for PS5 skin controllers here. Although they could offer two skins for around $10, they have thrown in some thumb grips, so this is still a pretty good buy.

However, you won’t be able to charge your controllers via a charging dock with these skins on, so take note of that.


If none of the monochrome covers has tempted you so far, and you really want your PS5 controller skins to scream “gamer!” then these wraps from YoRHa are a good choice.

The medical-grade silicone cases all have a black base, but they’re covered with bright, neon-like patterns.

Most importantly, this controller skin is the best in terms of providing comfort! Yes, the silicone has enough grip for hands that sweat easily. 

And also the ten thumb grips come in different sizes. So you can experience frustration-free long gaming hours with your PS5.

Onto the features!

  • Around $13 each
  • You can choose from an assortment of six eye-catching colors
  • Studded, textured surface to improve grip
  • Anti-shock
  • The fun design is a good choice for kids and young gamers

Why must you buy it?

The fact that you’re getting thumb grips of various sizes when more precise clicking is required during gameplay is a huge plus. This is a set of really cool PS5 controller skins, although you will have to remove them when you need to charge your controllers. However, for $13, they’re very attractive and will effectively protect your devices.


When it comes to the Dual Sense's 5 skins, the color does matter! After all, it's not just about protecting your controller; it's also about showing some personality.

While Benazcap doesn't have too many color options, its White Camouflage skin is unique and an excellent pick if you love a splash of color.

The skins are all made of soft silicone, and the materials have a great deal of flexibility for easy attachment and removal.

But, keep in mind you can use this controller skin only for the latest model PS5 FPS controllers. So, you can't use them with other version controllers as the fit may not be accurate.

Let’s look at features.

No products found.

  • There are five available colors
  • The silicone skin is light and thin
  • Anti-slip
  • Well-priced
  • Depending on which color you buy, prices range from $10-$13

Why must you buy it?

This is a pretty high-quality but cheap PS5 skin, so you’re really getting value for your money here. The White Camo skin is the standout option here and will really lend an artistic flair to your controllers. You’ll get one Playstation 5 controller cover along with 10 textured thumb grips, which is a great number.


If you’re not keen on the garish colors, but you’d still like to see a little more going on with your controller skins, then these will tick the box!

Each skin has two colors: a base color and a contrasting color that provides some nice detail. Instead of the usual all-black thumb grips, these thumb grips have a black base but are patterned with the PS5 controller skin color.

All in all, a really nice-looking set of colors! The silicone material improves grip but is light and easy to attach.

Lastly, the controller skin also provides resistance against shocks. This shows that this BRHE PS5 controller skin is also worthy in terms of its quality.

Let’s look at some features.

No products found.

  • Around $12 per DualSense 5 skin
  • Nine varieties to choose from
  • Non-slip
  • Soft silicone make
  • All controls are easily accessible
  • Washable

Why must you buy it?

The colors are a big USP in this case. They’re attractive but straightforward. BRHE promises stellar customer service if you experience any issues with your product. The thumb grips are also very attractive, although you will only get two and no extras. However, the overall look of these PS5 controller wraps easily makes this product a must-buy.


A good PS5 remote skin has an ergonomic design because many gamers tend to play for hours. These controller skins from Hikfly are a great example of that because the soft silicone material has a rubber oil coating to ensure that the skin is smooth and comfortable to touch.

The PS5 controller sticker is printed on using water-transfer techniques. There’s a wide variety of various camouflage shades when it comes to colors, so there should be something for everyone!

Moreover, this product guarantees a 360°Guard & Anti-slip feature, so try having your hands on this amazing controller cover.

What about features?

  • 23 color varieties available
  • Around $12 per controller set
  • With each order, you get two DualSense 5 skins and eight thumb grips
  • Not waterproof
  • 3-year product service available

Why must you buy it?

These are some pretty cool PS5 controller skins! You have a wide selection of colors available, and the brand promises to provide a lot of support for the product in case something goes wrong. They’re quite durable but not waterproof, so they can’t be washed. Still, you’re getting two skins and extra thumb grips for $12, so it’s a good deal!


This is undoubtedly the cutest skin for PS5 controllers on this list! In case you were holding out for a pink colored-skin, you’ve hit the jackpot.

This is a great pastel-toned pink DualSense 5 skin, with two adorable paw print thumb grips as accessories. It’s a thin cover made with high-quality silicone to protect your controller better.

The best part about this product is that it comes with 2 Cat Paw Thumb Grip Caps, which is a bonus! Also, this thin skin cover provides amazing shock resistance and grip, thus protecting your controller from any minor accidents.

Onto some features.

  • It comes in only one shade: pink
  • Priced at $10
  • A unique yet simple design
  • Built for long-term use
  • Washable

Why must you buy it?

If you don’t end up buying this for looks alone, consider that it’s washable! That’s a huge plus, particularly if you need to save money and you don’t want to buy a new skin as soon as one starts getting a bit dirty. At just $10, this is one of the cheap PS5 controller skins, and it’s well worth the buy. The paw print thumb grips are a great extra touch!


Are you a lover of all things shiny? We've got a great deal for you! This is a PS5 controller skin gold cover that will make your regular controllers look drab and grey.

Yes, I'm speaking about this Mcbazel case controller skin which is shiny and made of quality polycarbonate plastic material.

This is probably one of the coolest PS5 controller wraps on this list because not only the skin looks classy, but it also provides easy cleaning. You just need to remove the dust from the surface by using a wet tissue, and you're sorted!

Let’s look at some features.

  • A single color: gold
  • Priced at $13
  • Installation is easy and safe
  • You can clean them with wet tissues
  • Shock-proof

No products found.

Why must you buy it?

You have to buy this just for the aesthetics alone! The electroplated gold look gives this PS5 controller skin a really unique look, and if you happen to have other matching gold accessories, even better. Although they could have included thumb grips, this is a cover that’s pretty easy to clean, and it’s made of highly durable plastic, so even if you drop it, you won’t have to worry!


These are some very nice two-toned Playstation controller skins. The quality raw silicone materials used to make them ensure that these are fall-proof and dust-free.

They have an ergonomic feel and are durable enough to last you a long time. The thumb grips come in different sizes and are also patterned in the color of the skin, which is a nice extra touch.

Get this skin cover for your PS5 controller and get rid of fingerprint marks, scratches, and any kind of controller damages!

Now, what about features?

  • 10 colors available
  • Priced at around $13
  • Sweat and fingerprint-proof
  • Thick and anti-slip
  • One DualSense 5 controller skin with ten thumb grips

Why must you buy it?

These are some very neat-looking PS5 controller skins, and the fact that they’re fall-proof and anti-scratch can be very useful if you’re prone to accidents. They’re ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for long hours of gameplay. You should definitely consider buying these if you tend to go for long gaming sessions.


An unusual one to finish with, but a lovely PS5 remote skin! This is a vinyl decal set, so you get both PS5 console and controller skins!

This is more in the style of a PS5 controller sticker as it’s not a ‘skin’ per se but will attach directly onto your console and controller.

If you’re up for something different, you have to check this out. The shiny chrome colors are a great cherry on top!

Let’s look at some features now.

  • 14 PS5 controller decal sticker colors
  • Digitally cut to fit properly
  • Durable
  • Includes a console skin and a skin for two controllers
  • Installation guide included

Why must you buy it?

Most DualSense 5 skins are a bit bulky. This is natural because they’re meant to protect your controller. But these are vinyl decal stickers, so you just peel off the liners and attach the stickers to your controller.

Bonus: you also get to deck up your console in glittering chrome! What could be better?


When it comes to buying PS5 controller skins, it’s mainly up to you what you choose to prioritize. For a lot of people, the look of the skin is most important. For others, it’s the protection the skin provides. So you have to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a DualSense 5 controller skin. Here are some factors to keep in mind as well.

  • Silicone is a popular material for PS5 controller skins. Lighter silicone skins are available, as well as heavier ones. However, the heavier the skin, the less likely it is that you can charge your controller while leaving the skin on. If you’re okay with compromising on this, you can go for a heavier skin.
  • Heavier skins do tend to provide added protection, so that’s a plus in their column.
  • Unless you’re really counting pennies, the skins on this list range from $10-$14, so the price isn’t a big factor here.
  • If you like to keep things neat and clean, go for washable skin. Also, remember not all skins are washable, so read the features carefully before you buy.

Speaking of features, let’s go over some features that these products have in common.

  • Most of the brands listed here will sell one skin per order, but if you’d like to get value for your money, go for the Aosai or Hikfly skins.
  • Extra thumb grips can be quite handy to have around, so you could pick a brand that’s offering more than just two.
  • While all of the skins are comfortable and textured, they’re not all shock-proof. This is important if you happen to drop your controller by accident. If you’re investing in a controller skin for protection, then pick a thicker one that will properly cushion your controller.


How to install a skin for PS5 controller?

Unless your controller skin consists of several parts, this is pretty straightforward! It should come in two pieces, one for the top and one for the bottom. All you have to do is place the respective parts onto the controller and snap them on.

Make sure you have everything lined up correctly, so no ports or buttons are blocked off. Also, make sure the two (or however many) pieces fit against each other correctly. Most brands should provide instructions with their products for correct installation. Thumb grips are installed in a similar fashion.

How to remove a PS5 skin?

Removing a skin works the same way, just in reverse. Be careful when you pull off parts so that nothing breaks. If you’re peeling off a sticker, do it gently so that there isn’t an excess of adhesive left on the controller itself.

How to apply a PS5 sticker skin?

If you happen to have a sticker skin with several parts, you will have to peel off each part individually and attach them. Carefully check which part goes where first, and get to work on a flat surface.

Make sure your hands are clean and that your controller itself is clean and dry. It might help to wipe your controller with a damp cloth first and then dry it. Once you’ve attached each part, wipe out any bubbles with a cloth.


So there you have it, a great and varied collection of PS5 skins at your disposal! All you need to do is pick your favorite color or pattern, and you’ve got yourself a whole new look for your gaming tech.

Remember to try and strike a good balance between how the skin looks and how much protection it provides, and you’re good to go. What are you waiting for, then? Go pick your new controller skins, and have fun jazzing up your PS5 controllers! 


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