A PS5 is a great tool for gamers, but it’s a pretty large console. Mounting it is the best way to make the most out of your gaming experience, particularly if it’s next to a screen.

So you need the help of the best PS5 wall mount. Well, this article is going to walk you through some of the best wall mounts for PS5 on the market. Let’s get to it!

floating grip - Best PS5 Wall Mount



This wall mount from Hideit is a bit pricier, but if you’ve got a PS5, you want to protect it. This particular wall mount uses Sony’s Secure Mounting Mechanism patent, so your PS5 will be securely strapped in.

The game console wall mounts itself is made from 12 gauge steel. This is an excellent option if you’re on the market for a PS5 wall mount, and it has a bunch of benefits. It gives your PS5 enough airflow and won’t trap heat. Also, this is a wall mount that’s pretty easy to install, so you don’t need a tech pro to set it up.

Drywall screws and anchors are included, so get everything out of its packaging, plug it, and play PS5!

Let’s quickly go over some of the notable features that this product boasts of.

  • You can put the mount up either on the left or right side of your TV
  • It’ll give your PS5 a free-floating look
  • A unique hook provides added security
  • The base of the mount easily supports your PS5
  • Compatible with both PS5 digital and PS5 disc versions

Why must you buy it?

All in all, this might not be the cheapest wall mount out there. But this is a quick, easy, and effective wall mount for your PS5, and you can expect installation to be fuss-free. If you’re looking for a simple and durable mount, this is one of the best floating mounts you can get for your PS5. 


If shelling out $40 is a bit out of budget, then this wall mount from NexiGo is a good compromise! It’ll cost you a little under $30. The wall mount is built to hug the device tightly, and all the ports should be accessible, thus maximizing airflow.

This is a simple wall mount with no added frills, just mount it, and your work is done! Now, onto some pros. Self-tapping screws and a screwdriver are included, and installation should be quick and easy.

Also, if you’re worried that this is too flimsy to hold up your PS5, it’s actually made of metal, so stability is guaranteed.

So what features does the NexiGo PS5 wall mount have that’ll make you want to rush to hit ‘add to cart?

  • It’s compatible with both PS5 disc and digital versions
  • The mount is well ventilated, which will further the lifespan of your PS5
  • Drywall anchors used in the installation process lend further stability
  • Customers report that it’s very sturdy
  • It’s a bargain

Why must you buy it?

If you’re on the hunt for a beginner-friendly wall mount, then go for this. It’s the best PS5 wall mount at this price! Once you’ve set this up, you won’t ever have nightmares about a smashed PS5 because you’ve left it lying around somewhere.


This is a wall mount with a floating grip, so there’s no boxing in your PS5 at all. This mount from the Floating Grip store is made in Denmark and uses a system of ropes to keep the PS5 locked in. You’ll get a full 360 degrees of ventilation for the PS5, and a mount is included for accessories as well.

This is also a great space saver. It’s an innovative product because if you’re not a fan of the look of most wall mounts, this mount will just give your PS5 a free-floating appearance. In terms of the major benefits, this is a neat-freak dream because there’s added clutter.

Functionality fans will love this product, and the fact that you can also mount two controllers is an added benefit. All the necessary screws and wall plugs are included. And the best part? No drilling required!

So what else do you need to know about Floating Grip’s wall mount?

  • At roughly $35, it’s a good mid-range price.
  • You can mount one PS5 and two controllers using this pack.
  • Maximum airflow.
  • The free-floating design is quite appealing.
  • A tool bag is included.

Why must you buy it?

If you’re all about keeping things minimal, this is definitely the best PS5 wall mount that you can get. It’s functional and fuss-free, and a bunch of ropes will hardly take up that much room. Installation only requires a screwdriver, so it’s quite simple!


Taking it up a notch in terms of price is another wall mount from NexiGo, but this one comes in a bundle. So it might be around $40, but you’re getting an extra item aside from the wall mount for your PS5. You’re also getting a wall mount for accessories!

The sleek white look of the mounts is very much on-trend, and all the items that are required to set up the mounts should be included. Ventilation holes also help to improve overall heat management while you’re playing the latest Final Fantasy.

When it comes to the major benefits, you have to consider how you’re getting two mounts for the price of one. No more clutter in your gaming area; you can keep all your gaming tech in the same place. 

Now let’s look at some major features of this wall mount bundle.

  • The extra mount is ideal for keeping your accessories out of harm’s way.
  • Both mounts are in matching white.
  • The controller hanger is also compatible with PS4, Xbox, and Switch.
  • The mounts are compatible with digital and disc versions of PS5.
  • Installation is easy.

Why must you buy it?

As an all-in-one product bundle, this is the best PS5 wall mount. Not only you get the mount to keep your PS5 secure, but you also get a mount for accessories, and you can hang up non-PS5 accessories too! If you’re a fan of keeping everything in your gaming area neat and organized, don’t miss this out. If your PlayStation have overheating issues, make sure to mount it along with PlayStation 5 cooling pad.


Another slightly high-end option is this white wall mount from STANSTAR. It’s made of steel, so you won’t be dealing with any accidents if you end up buying this. The white surface is also scratch-resistant, so it’s bound to last you a long time, and it won’t start to look like an eyesore.

But if you’d rather not have it on display, you can always mount PS5 behind TV shelf. The white design is simple and clean, and the bottom of the mount is ventilated to facilitate heat dissipation.

So what are the pros here? First, the STANSTAR mount is built to be wear-resistant. It’s a reliable product. It’s made of aluminum alloy, so it’s a strong and stable option.  

Now let’s look at some features!

  • Compatible with digital and disc versions of PS5.
  • Uses SUS304 steel.
  • Elegant look.
  • A safe option.
  • Screws and plugs included.

Why must you buy it?

Talk about getting value for money; this is a no-frills product, but it’ll serve as a great mount for your PS5. Everything you need to set it up will come with the product, and the fact that it’s so well-made is a huge plus. If you’re looking for a premium steel mount, this is the best PS5 wall mount for you.


Don’t want to shell out close to $40 for a wall mount? In that case, this game console holder is around $28 and will comfortably hold your PS5 securely.

A long slit in the bottom will ensure that there’s enough heat dissipation. It should be more than stable for your PS5 (it’s made of iron), so no more leaving your gaming equipment on top of random surfaces! Assembly is relatively simple, and all the materials are provided.

Also, EJGAME promises that disassembly is equally straightforward in case you ever want to move the mount to another part of the house.

When it comes to the pros, this is a great buy if you’d rather spend as little as possible. But you’re still getting a sturdy piece of equipment to store your PS5, and it’s probably worth much more than you’re spending! Also, you’ve got a 12-month warranty.

And what about the features? Let’s take a look.

  • Wall mount with detailed installation instructions.
  • Very firm.
  • Clean look, white color.
  • All tools included.
  • It will keep your PS5 cool.

Why must you buy it?

You can definitely buy this without thinking twice if all you need is a decent, affordable wall mount. The brand has also promised that they will act quickly to solve any issues you might have. This is a great alternative to a media cabinet if you just want a simple and space-saving solution.


Mount Studs also sells a great PS5 wall mount, although this one can also be a bit pricier than the rest. However, it’s made of heavy gauge steel, so you don’t have to worry about your PS5 crashing onto the floor due to inadequate support.

So what benefits will this product give you to make it worth that $40? Well, it’s got good ventilation, so it’ll easily manage any heating issues your PS5 might have. It has a black textured powdered finish, which gives it a sleek look.

From a distance, it’ll appear to be a floating mount, so it’s sure to make your interior space look clean and minimal. 

Let’s move on to some features now.

  • Premium pricing, but it’s a high-quality product.
  • The black color won’t rust or chip.
  • All tools included.
  • No drilling required to mount.
  • Installation is relatively straightforward.

Why must you buy it?

If you’ve got the money to spare, going for a steel-made wall mount is a solid option. If you’re concerned about safety, this is the best PS5 wall mount. The foam-padded hook on the mount will keep the PS5 safe from any damage. Get buying!


This is a great option coming in at roughly $30, with 12 gauge Glistco steel going into the making of the wall mount. It’s only for vertical-mounted PS5s, but it’s gone through some intense product testing according to the brand, so you can rest assured they’re giving you the best wall mount they could produce.

You’re not going to see much of the mount itself once you’ve placed the PS5 on it, so it’s ideal for achieving that clean look.

Now let’s move on to some pros. All the screws required will be included, and the air plates at the bottom of the mount provide quite a lot of ventilation. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll admire how securely it holds your PS5!

Let’s look at some features.

  • Assembly is simple and easy for beginners.
  • Black is textured, has a modern look.
  • Semi-floating design.
  • Solid and secure.
  • Great built quality.

Why must you buy it?

Although this isn’t the priciest product on this list, it’s very good quality. If you’re set on mounting your PS5 vertically (and only vertically), this is the best PS5 wall mount for you. It’s safe, discreet, and will be compatible with both digital and disc versions of the PS5.


So, why do you need a wall mount for your PS5? You’re mainly just looking for something that will hold the device (and accessories) up securely, preferably next to the TV, so you don’t have to leave them lying around.

  • The products mentioned here are all made of iron, steel, or other strong materials, so securely holding up your PS5 should be a piece of cake.
  • Since this is a pretty niche product, don’t spend more than we’ve advised in this article. Anywhere between $25-$40 is a good price.
  • For all of the products on this list, installation is pretty simple.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of these products.

  • Decide whether you want a totally free-floating or semi-free-floating design. Any wall mount from this list will mostly disappear once you’ve slotted in your PS5, but if you’d rather hide almost all of the mount, go for the Floating Grip wall-mount because it uses a system of ropes.
  • Security is of utmost importance. You should test out your PS5 on the mount before you permanently attach the wall mount.
  • Go for a black or white color that won’t chip or scratch.
  • Don’t buy extra tools. Most products here will include all that you need.


Can you mount the PS5?

It’s totally safe to wall mount a PS5. It’s an expensive device, and you want to keep it out of harm’s way. Mounting it ensures that no one will trip on it. You won’t accidentally drop it.

Can you place your PS5 horizontally?

Yes, it can! However, it depends on which mount you buy. Some mounts will only support a vertical alignment.

Where should you place the PS5 mount?

Ideally, you should place your wall mount close to your TV and near an outlet. When you’re using your PS5, you’ll be making use of a screen as well, so it makes sense to have it near your TV. You can place the mount behind your TV if you’d prefer to have it out of view.


So that’s that, you should now have all the information you need to get yourself a brand new wall mount for your PS5. Remember to shop smart and for what you like: don’t go above budget, pick a quality product that has enough support to hold up your PS5, and don’t go for the mount that is very hard to assemble.

If it’s a premium games console holder you want, go for STANSTAR’s or NexiGo’s wall mount bundle, which you can use to mount your accessories. And if you want a budget option, EJGAME has you covered. So pick your player, and get shopping! 


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