Are you planning to get the best SD card for GoPro action camera? If you had this question and came here for an answer, well, I got you covered.

Though there are thousands of memory cards available in the market, which are easily available to you at cheap prices, there’s always a catch, be it in the form of very slow read and write speeds or reliability issues.

Best SD Card for GoPro HERO 9

When talking about Gopro, you should choose the SD cards delicately. That is why here in this article, I will be providing you with the list of best SD cards, which are thoroughly reviewed and tested for the best and smooth experience.


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How to sort out And Choose SD cards for GoPro

To say that the memory card market offers a large number of different products and models would be an understatement. Indeed, there are many possibilities today, but not all are equal and the performance is not the same.

It is therefore essential to know some of the characteristics in order to make the right choice and especially the one that will best meet your needs. We have therefore prepared a list of purchase criteria to consider.

Factors to consider: GoPro Memory Cards

1. Storage Capacity: The GoPro series of action cameras can handle certain specific size microSD cards. Older versions had lower ratings, usually up to 64GB, while newer devices like Hero8 and Hero9, support MicroSD cards up to 128GB. If you are going to buy a new MicroSD card for your device, it is best to check the specifications of your device and then choose the card with the maximum capacity that your camera can support.

2. SD Card Speed: All SD cards are designed with a special speed class that describes their data writing category, and each category represents a real-world recording for your videos. There are several card classes; 2, 4, 6, and 10. Basically, the bigger the number, the better the performance quality of the card. 

3. SD Card or Micro SD Card: You should know that there are three card models: SD cards, microSD cards, and mini SD cards. The most common are SD and microSD cards (SanDisk is the best-known brand). For a GoPro Hero camera, it is advisable to opt for a GoPro MicroSD memory card.

4. Brand: The choice of brand is essential because it is a criterion on which quality, reliability, price, and warranty will depend. Today, 3 main manufacturers dominate the market: SanDisk, Samsung, and Kingston, but there are also very well-known and reliable brands. 

5. Accessories: This might not seem to be an important factor for most people. But an SD card adapter is a must-have accessory. It will help you connect your SD card to a laptop or system for file transfer, deletion, and playback purposes. When you purchase, some micro SD cards will include a USB or SD card reader. 


If you're capturing a 4K video with your GoPro, you might need a microSD card with a high-speed rating. Shooting GoPro video in 4K at 60fps with 12MB/s write speed requires a fast microSD card with at least U3 or V30 speed class. This very demanding operation requires fast write speed with lots of storage. Even shooting at 1080p/240fps is demanding enough to require a fast, high-capacity memory card.

It is recommended to use an SD card size 32GB or larger. Check your GoPro's specifications to identify the compatible microSD card and if you need to exceed the minimum speed and capacity requirements.



SANDISK 256GB - Best SD Card for GoPro HERO 9


  • Flash Memory Type: Micro SD
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB
  • speed class: Class 3
  • Hardware Interface: MicroSDXC

First in our list of best SD cards for GoPro HERO 9 comes SanDisk 256GB Extreme which has 32GB memory and a maximum of 256 GB storage.

This card uses SanDisk’s latest proprietary technology that has enabled performance beyond UHS-l 104 MB/s limitation. So with this microSDXC card, SanDisk provides an excellent 160MB/s read extreme speeds that will help you save the 5K30 crisp videos taken with your GoPro without any hassle.

The write speed provides up to 90MB/s for better transfer rates, enabling onboard video editing capabilities and faster transfer of recorded files. Since it is specified with A2-rated, this means you can experience fast application performance and loading speed. Recording long videos and taking high-quality pictures can be saved in a breeze without any hassle.

SanDisk is best known for its built quality, and this one is tested and proved that it is waterproof, shockproof, and X-ray proof as well; this all comes in handy with the fact that your GoPro is built for the same.

You can capture uninterrupted 4K UHD and full HD video with the help of UHS speed class 3 and video speed class 30 ratings. SanDisk Extreme microSD is recommended by GoPro’s official website in their “Work with GoPro” certification program. Need I say more?


  • A2 rated
  • 256GB onboard storage
  • Up to 160MB/s maximum read speeds
  • Up to 90MB/s maximum write speeds
  • It can capture uninterrupted 4K UHD video anytime
  • Secure Digital Association Speed Class 10
  • Supports MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD card reader


SAMSUNG  - Best SD Card for GoPro HERO 9


  • Flash Memory Type: SDXC
  • Storage Capacity: 256 GB
  • speed class: Class 10
  • Hardware interface: MicroSDXC 

If you prefer to buy products only from reputed brands, I recommend you check out the Samsung (MB-ME256GA/AM) 256GB MicroSDXC memory card.

Samsung as a brand has always been ahead in providing the best of technology and services. In the same sequence, it has presented the Samsung (MB-ME256GA/AM) memory card which supports 4K video recording and high res photos which enables you to get the optimum experience with your GoPro.

The performance set includes enhanced read speed up to 100MB/s and a write speed of about 90MB/s. And when I tested this one, I found it performing the same as advertised.

The one full-size adapter which comes up bundled in is handy for the situation where your desktop or laptop has a card reader slot and is built to be reliable. Samsung provides a 10-year limited warranty and also a one-year warranty for an SD adapter, which I always welcome.

It has extended compatibility with a wide range of devices in terms of both SD and micro SD. Capturing a detailed 4K UHD video that can be done easily without any hassle via this card. So if you are using your GoPro for capturing HD videos, this is the right choice. You can either record and store 12 hours of 4K UHD video or 39h of full HD video or 75200 photos or 39,400 songs in this SD card.

This micro sd cards gopro hero 9 comes with an SD adapter is compatible with almost all devices while preserving the EVO's outstanding speed and performance. So this SD card for GoPro HERO9 has so many features, which is why you must not miss this one. Also, Samsung microSDXC boasts that it is simply the right card and as far as I tested it, it features justify it.


  • Rated U3 
  • 256GB onboard storage
  • Up to 100MB/s maximum read speeds
  • Up to 90MB/s maximum write speeds
  • Secure Digital Association Speed Class 10
  • Tried and tested for temperature proof, shockproof, water proof, and x-ray proof


GIGASTONE  -Best SD Card for GoPro HERO 9


  • Flash Memory Type: Micro SD
  • Storage Capacity: 128 GB
  • speed class: Class 10
  • Hardware interface: MicroSDXC 

Next up in our queue comes the Gigastone 128GB Micro SD Card, the cheapest and best SD card for GoPro HERO 9. With all specifications, I wanted to cross that barrier of a smooth 4K recording.

As evident, the size of 128 GB reflects a general light usage and recording maximum at 1080p resolution, but until you want to record a documentary-length video in a stretch, some small 4K recording here and there will do just fine.

With this specific product Gigastone Game Pro series focusing primarily on Gaming consoles, its specification goes hand in hand with what’s required by a GoPro. Plus, as specified with A2 spec, it supports super-fast speeds and fast loading and processing, making it the entry-level king.

With maximum read speed up to 100MB/s and write speed up to 50MB/s, the GoPro Hero 9 with the Gigastone Micro SD Card can adorn the feature of an action camera.

It has broad compatibility, and thus, it can support high-speed cameras, DSLR, smartphones, laptops, drones, gaming, and PCs. I was pretty impressed with its five-year accessible data recovery feature, which will be helpful for everyone in recovering the data that has been accidentally deleted.

Lastly, I would say that the Gigastone SD card is simply the best micro sd card for gopro that can go well with your GoPro HERO 9. So get it now.


  • A2 and U3 rated
  • 128GB onboard storage
  • Up to 100MB/s maximum read speeds
  • Up to 50MB/s maximum write speeds
  • Secure digital association speed Class 10
  • Temperature proof, water proof, shock proof, and x-ray proof

4. LEXAR 633X - BEST mini sd card for gopro

LEXAR  -Best SD Card for GoPro HERO 9


  • Flash Memory Type: SDXC
  • Storage capacity: 512 GB
  • speed class: Class 10
  • Hardware Interface: MicroSDXC

At number 4 in our list, we have this Premium microSDXC card from Lexar, providing optimum read speeds of up to 95MB/s and maximum write speed up to 90MB/s. Keeping drones, DSLRs, and action cameras in mind, it is designed by Lexar as a professional 633x.

It can capture videos or photos quickly and transfers media files with high transfer speeds, and is capable of 1080p full-HD, 3D, and 4K videos and pictures that you captured with your GoPro HERO 9 action camera. This mini sd card for gopro is specified with UHS-I technology; high-performance 633x, SDXD flash memory with SD adapter that makes it easy to transfer files between your devices.

So while you use this memory card with GoPro HERO 9, you will get a great experience in outdoor shooting, and it gives you an adventurous experience in quick capture and transfer photos, videos with high quality.

With its rated onboard capacity of 512GB, this is the best SD card for GoPro HERO 9 of the bunch for this specific storage bracket, getting you the flexibility to record longer than ever before without worrying about the space-filling up.


  • Rated Lexar 663x, U3, A2 and V30
  • Up to 100MB/s maximum read speeds
  • Up to 70MB/s maximum write speeds
  • Secure digital association speed Class 10
  • 512 GB rated storage




  • Flash Memory Type: Micro SDXC
  • Storage Capacity: 256 GB
  • speed class: Class 10
  • Hardware Interface: MicroSDXC

TEAMGROUP enters our list with its GO Card 256GB specially designed for GoPro and action camera which supports 4K ultra high-quality shooting with UHS-I Speed and U3. With this microSD card, TEAMGROUP is providing outstanding maximum read speed up to 90MB/s, and maximum write speed up to 45MB/s for the better and smooth preserve, transfer files, high-quality videos, and photos.

Available with SDXC which provides 64GB/ 128GB/ 256GB/ 512GB Storage Capacity. Seeing its quality, it is the best SD card for GoPro HERO 9, which can store all your wonderful memories and give adventure experiences without any interruption of photos and video loss or capturing error.

Built and tested for being waterproof, dustproof, x-ray Proof, and cool resistant. New printing technology makes it an eco-friendly product. With all these specifications, TEAMGROUP ensures a lifetime warranty.


  • Rated V30 with XC I
  • 256GB onboard storage
  • Eco-friendly material used
  • Up to 90MB/s maximum read speeds
  • Up to 90MB/s maximum read speeds




  • Flash Memory Type: Micro SDXC
  • Storage Capacity: 128 GB
  • speed class: Class 10
  • Hardware Interface: MicroSDXC

Next up, we have the PNY 128GB Elite-X microSD card, and if you are looking for the best SD card for GoPro HERO 9 with high storage and lower price, then this hits as the sweet spot. With its 128GB storage, it’s neither too less nor too high, and the same can be said about its price.

PNY 128GB Elite-X microSD Flash Memory Card supports Sequential speed up to 100MB/s. It affords an SDXC rating, which gives you a perfect solution to store Photos and 4K quality Ultra HD videos at 4096x3072 pix as well on 60 and 120 fps with your GoPro Hero 9 Camera. 

It is specified with A1-Rated (App 1) performance that allows you to transfer faster photos and videos from your GoPro Hero 9 to laptop, desktop, smartphones, and other devices.

PNY has specially designed it for Action Camera, 360-degree cameras, and dash cameras with class 10, U3, V30 and available with 128GB storage support, which will be a better choice for your GoPro Hero 9 action camera. This best memory card for gopro hero 9 company has included an SD adapter for compatibility with SDHC devices.


  • Rated A1, U3, and V30
  • 128 GB onboard storage
  • Ergonomic colour scheme
  • Up to 100MB/s maximum read speeds
  • Up to 40MB/s maximum write speeds
  • Secure Digital Association Speed Class 10


KINGSTON - Best SD Card for GoPro HERO 9


  • Flash Memory Type: SDXC
  • Storage Capacity: 128 GB
  • speed class: Class 10
  • Hardware interface: MicroSDXC

Last but not least comes Kingston High Endurance 128GB MicroSD SDXC in our list of best SD card for GoPro HERO 9.

It is built to use with action cameras, surveillance cameras, dash cams, and body cams, which have the reliability of recording or capturing critical video up to 20.000 hours, stores 4K, 2K,3D, and full HD 1080P quality photos and videos.

This best memory cards for gopro hero 9 has the capacity to store up to 128GB with UHS-I Speed Class 1 (U1) this SD ranks itself better for users who are specifically into stills and a few of 1080p recording. It is certified with IEC/EN 60529 IPX7 for protection against continual water submersion up to 30 minutes and depth up to 1m ensure its better resistance and the ability to be paired with the GoPro HERO 9 without any hassle.

It supports high performance, seamless capturing and transferring HD video files quickly from your GoPro Hero 9 action camera to other devices with an awesome read speed up to 95MB/s and writes speed up to 45MB/s. Thus it is one of the best for onsite post-processing.


  • Rated A1, U1
  • 128 GB rated storage
  • Write speed up to 45MB/s
  • Up to 95MB/s maximum read speeds


1. How to format an SD Card in your gopro?

It is always better to format the memory card in the camera rather than on a computer. And do it regularly (once you've uploaded and securely backed up your photos and videos, of course). This ensures that the card is prepared so that the camera needs it, and it reduces the risk of error.

Formatting the SD card in the GoPro models isn't complicated, but the menu item isn't necessarily located in the most intuitive place.

You can now find the Preferences > Reset > Format SD Card option. The Reset part is the one that made me think the first time because when I see this, I think of a factory reset of the camera. But in this case, it is a subcategory title option, not a camera reset (other reset options are on the same subcategory screen).

If you're using the GoPro mobile app, the option is still in the same place as on previous models, although the wording is different from that of the camera. You'll find it under Settings > Delete > Delete all files from SD card.

I have also written a more detailed guide on how to format an SD card for GoPro cameras here and a specific guide on how to format an SD card in GoPro HERO9 cameras.

2. FAT32 vs. exFAT: Which file system is best for memory cards?

  • FAT32 is an ideal file formt to use on USB sticks, external hard drives or memory cards for maximum compatibility with most devices, as long as you don't need to use files larger than 4 GB.
  • The exFAT format is a file system optimized for flash memory found in memory cards and USB drives. File access and manipulations are faster than FAT32 and NTFS. Like NTFS, exFAT is wide in terms of limitations (128 PB for file and partition size). Therefore, we can store files of more than 4 GB on a drive formatted in exFAT.

Glossary of SD Memory Card Terms

Speed Class, U1, U3, V30, V60, V90

The SD, SDHC, and SDXC standards correspond to the maximum storage capacity available:

  • SD cards are limited to a maximum of 2 GB.
    • SDHC cards between 4 and 32 GB (HC for High Capacity).
    • SDXC cards ( XC for Xtreme Capacity) can range from 32 GB to 2 TB.

However, GoPro cameras prior to the HERO6 series are only compatible with SD cards with less than 256 GB of storage. Only HERO6, HERO7, and HERO8 cameras are compatible with certain 256 G0 SD cards (example: the Samsung EVO Plus SD card). In general, it is recommended to use 32 or 64 GB cards to optimize the operation of your GoPro.

It is useful to specify that a device that can accommodate an SDXC will also be able to operate an SDHC or an SD. It is also important to check the device's compatibility in which the memory card will be placed with its standard to ensure that the memory card will be supported.


UHS is an enhancement of the specifics of the original SD interface. Devices will get the maximum UHS speed if both card and device support UHS. Otherwise, the card and the device will use the lower maximum SD speed possible to obtain. There is no compatibility issue in using a UHS card in a non-UHS compatible device.

The UHS-I specification defines the read speed options of up to 50MB/s (UHS-50) and 104MB/s (UHS-104) data transfer rates.

The Ultra High-Speed Phase II (UHS-II) bus designed for SDHC and SDXC cards has been added to SD spec 4.0. This is a further design improvement with changes to the connector interface to improve performance. The UHS-II specification defines read speed for the 156MB/s and 312MB/s options.

Speed Class, U1, U3, V30, V60, V90

It is now that the notion of "class" imposes itself. The class of a micro SD card corresponds to its minimum write speed in MB/s. There are three class standards for SD cards.

  • The C standard, such as a class 10 ( C10 ) card, is the minimum required for a GoPro to be able to write at least 10 MB/s.
    • The UHS standard for Ultra High Speed can be class 1 ( U1 ), which corresponds to a minimum write speed of 10 MB/s (equivalent to class C10), or class 3 ( U3 ) with a minimum write speed of 30 MB/s.
    • The V standard for Video Speed Class starts at class V10 (i.e., 10 MB/s in writing), then V30, V60, and V90.

A1 vs A2

The A1 certification only concerns smartphones. Indeed, this certification makes it possible to extend the internal memory on the SD card and thus run the applications directly from this external storage. This certification requires a memory card with a write speed of at least 10 MB/s.

The A2 certification is equivalent to that described above (write speed of at least 10 MB/s). Its performance is still improved. Indeed, write, and random read speeds on smartphones have been multiplied by 3. This certification ensures, for example, the optimal operation of applications installed on a micro SD card.


That's a wrap now. I have reviewed some of the best SD cards for GoPro from the market, I hope this list has helped you choose your ideal SD card for your GoPro 9. If you are clear with the purpose of buying the SD card, then it will be more easy for you to get your ideal pick. Good luck.


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