After the long hot summer days, the ski season will be in full swing. So this means, it’s time to take out your GoPro action camera ready to record and snap out some winter fun like snowboarding. But make sure that you have the right mounts and setups enclosed before you hit for the slopes.

Why should you need a Go Pro mount? Well if you have this question, then it seems like you are quite outdated. Though there are different skiing GoPro accessories, you need to invest in the best GoPro snowboard mount.

This is because while skiing and snowboarding, even the prime candidates lose their brand-new GoPro cams. So, it is necessary to make sure you have a potential mount and double-check on fixing it on the snowboard or helmet or chest. By now, you might be wondering how to choose the products from the market. However, with a lot of products out there, many of them may be cheap, fake and unreliable, which makes it difficult to which the best GoPro snowboard mount. 

My idea here is to cut through the noise and confusion in getting the right mount that is best and will have good value at the same time. So I have suggested you a list of the 10 best GoPro mounts for skiing. Let’s begin with the GoPro mount review.



Best Gopro Snowboard Mount

Product Information

  • Dimensions : 7 x 2 x 5 inches
  • Weight : 3.52 ounces
  • Model : GCHM30-001
  • Manufacturer: GoPro 

If you want to capture a more engaging and lower than the helmet view of the snowboarding sport, then a GoPro chest mount is the ideal pick. This is because it lets you capture the best footage well from the chest sight, and also, the GoPro sits easily on the chest mount, and it is more convenient to use than other types of mounts. 

This is an official mount launched by GoPro itself, and so it is rest assured that this mount has durability and can last long. You can use it not just for snowboarding, but also for cycling, motocross, or any kind of paddlesport.  Once you wear it on your chest, you can easily adjust the amount according to your size and comfort.

Not only that, you will be capturing more of your arms, knees, skis, and poles while skiing or snowboarding. Hereafter, capturing the immersive video and photos is going to be pretty easy for you when you use this mount

I highly recommend this mount because there is no scope of falling or breakage even in harsh conditions like snowboarding. Also, this is an excellent way to record a video of your snowboarding from a chest harness mount which is obviously better than a helmet or a leg mount.

It can support all versions of the GoPro camera and thus you can use this as snowboarding GoPro mount. Though it is slightly pricey, it is worth every penny you spend.


  • Comes in Matte Black color gradient.

  • Straps are made of high-quality stretchable fabric
  • Breathable pads intact on the belt for good ventilation
  • Clear and eye-level view of your action
  • 1-year warranty for this mount

What we liked in this mount

  • Flexible design for easy handling.

  • Capture good-quality pictures.
  • The belt is perfect.
  • Does not lose grip


Product Information

  • Dimensions : 7.6 x 5.5 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight : 6.9 ounces
  • Model : SA-YG01
  • Manufacturer: Sametop

If you are looking for a more budget chest mount for your GoPro for skiing sport, then this chest mount from Sametop can be your ideal choice. 

Sametop brand has been specializing in manufacturing accessories related to action cameras. That said, you can trust this professional manufacturer who never compromises on the quality of products for the price offered.

This chest mount gives you the first-person view, which is lower than the helmet view of the action. You will find it easy to wear and is also comfortable enough to give you a more engaging view while skiing.

With its quick-release buckle design, you won't find any difficulty in adjusting it or removing it. Also, it can easily fit a wide variety of adult sizes. So be it any kind of outdoor sports like mountain biking, snowboarding or skiing, or paddle sports, this chest mount is a must-carry accessory to capture all your adventure perfectly.

Also, it is compatible with all GoPro Hero models and with the original action cameras as well. However, the strap gives a cheap look but it works perfectly. If you find the previous entry pricey, you can opt for this best mount for skiing. Worth giving it a shot!


  • Gives good video stabilization

  • You can move the camera angle as per your requirement
  • Adjust the chest strap to fit like a glove
  • Double lock design


  • Easy to adjust 

  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Adjustable
  • Holds the camera correctly


Product Information

  • Dimensions : 13.43 x 2.6 x 2.13 inches
  • Weight : 15.8 ounces
  • Model : Smapole Q3S
  • Manufacturer: Smatree

If you prefer to record a different angle apart from chest mount views, then you can buy a GoPro tripod come Monopod or selfie stick. We bet that this flexible selfie stick from Smatree is going to be your best companion not just for skiing but also for all outdoor adventures. 

Now let's take a look at the highlights of this stick for GoPro. This stick consists of a ball head mount that has a 360-degree rotation and is also equipped with fast locking system. So you can quickly adjust or tilt the stick along with the camera to your desired angle.

Aforementioned, this stick is adjustable in terms of height which is, the selfie stick allows quick length adjustments from 11.8 to 36.6 inches. So based on your requirement, you can twist the counterclockwise to release the fixed height and then adjust it.

In terms of durability, this stick is made of a high-quality aluminum tube that can withstand extremely low temperatures. Apart from this, this is a universal tripod with a 1/4 inches screw port at the bottom. When you unscrew it, the stick can act as a tripod.

If you want to take pictures in your skiing spot, you can fix the tripod and take pictures. Only when you hold the selfie stick steady, you will be able to capture clear pictures or videos. That said, this mount offers you all the necessary comfort to do so. 


  • This is a combo of camera selfie stick and tripod.

  • The professional design gives you enough flexibility to adjust
  • Twist clockwise to unlock
  • You can contact support for any issues with the tripod
  • Slip-resistant rubber and the wrist wrap around the selfie stick gives more grip


  • Easy to adjust 

  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Adjustable
  • Holds the camera correctly


Product Information

  • Dimensions : 8.66 x 8.66 x 2.17 inches
  • Weight : 8 ounces
  • Model : AFAEM-002
  • Manufacturer: GoPro Camera

If you are someone who loves branded items only and are ready to shed some cash, then this GoPro 3-way 2.0 mount is going to sound exciting for you. This is an upgrade from the GoPro 3-way mount. The only upgrade is the tripod part.

Earlier, the tripod was not much sturdier, and now, this new version has a sturdy tripod. So if you prefer to take pics or videos on snowboarding places, then you can use this feature. 

This has a 3 in 1 design and switches from a camera grip to a tripod to an extension arm for selfies. Talking about the design, this one has an integrated ball joint that can fold quickly to provide you a stable shooting platform, and it is also 360-degree rotatable. With this feature, you can easily use this mount for recording a variety of shots, group photos, and much more. 

Not only that, but this GoPro stick for snowboarding has an ergonomic design which makes the grip comfortable, and thus while skiing, you will be able to record perfect shots. So take advantage of the folding extension arm and capture selfies, overhead shots, and follow-cam footage. However, the tripod part looks flimsy and does not work as expected.


  • It measures 9.5 inches and is fully expandable, and collapses to 8 inches

  • The ergonomic extension gives a more comfortable grip
  • Integrated ball joint allows adjusting the camera angle


  • Waterproof construction

  • Compatible with GoPro mounting system
  • 3 in 1 design
  • Value for money


Product Information

  • Dimensions : 7.25 x 1 x 6 inches
  • Weight : 0.32 ounces
  • Model : GVHS30
  • Manufacturer: GoPro Camera

Coming up next is GoPro vented helmet strap mount which is one of the best GoPro accessories for snowboarding. This snowboard helmet camera mount is the most reliable and preferred by many skiers, motorcycles, car racers, and by other outdoor adventurous activities.

The straps enable the easy mounting of your GoPro camera. Since the GoPro cameras are compact in size, it makes them compatible with all GoPro Hero series. This easily adjustable strap can be attached to any vented helmet easily and quickly. 

The strap is made of Nylon and Polycarbonate material which is quite durable and lasts for a long time. It can also withstand severe weather conditions; that said, you can use it for skiing sport and record immersive videos and click pictures by mounting the action camera on your helmet.

Overall, I highly recommend this Go Pro helmet strap mount because this will help you shoot the entire condition from the top of you clearly. It is also quite affordable and I can say that the and I can say that the best place to mount GoPro for snowboarding is on the helmet. So don't miss out on this mount if you opt to record videos from a different angle while skiing.


  • It comes in a standard size that fits all type of helmets.

  • Vented helmet strap mount.
  • Wide compatibility(supports latest GoPro camera models)
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Easy to carry

  • Excellent strap quality
  • Sleek design
  • Extremely lightweight


Product Information

  • Dimensions : 7.25 x 1 x 6 inches
  • Weight : 0.32 ounces
  • Model : GVHS30
  • Manufacturer: GoPro

If you are looking for a GoPro helmet mount that is dedicatedly designed to be mounted on the helmet used for skiing or snowboarding, the GoPro helmet front and side-mount are the ideal ones. 

You can simply mount any best helmet cam for snowboarding either on the front or side of helmets.  By fixing the mount on the front of the helmet, you can capture the front-facing footage or even take selfies. Apart from the helmet, you can attach this mount to any gears and large objects using an adhesive, and if you want to remove it, you can do it by applying heat to the adhesive bond. 

The swivel mount assembly feature, which makes it easy to adjust the angle of your camera. Also, with the low profile positioning for your camera, you can take selfies or shoot the trail while you are snowboarding. 

So the selling point of this GoPro snowboard helmet mount is the maximum adjustability that it comes. If you love to take shots at a variety of angles, then this feature is a big bonus. 


  • Versatile GoPro ski helmet mount

  • Curved adhesive mounts add more grip

  • You get a non-swivel vertical mounting buckle along with this thumbscrew
  • Swivel mount quick release buckle helps to release the mount from the attached surface


  • Easy to adjust, rotate & aim

  • Made of polycarbonate material hence durable
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Suitable for GoPro cameras


Product Information

  • Dimensions : 5.9 x 5.9 x 7.4 inches
  • Weight : 8.8 ounces
  • Model : CM-001
  • Manufacturer: Smatree 

For snowboarding, you should have a more reliable and strong mount that can hold your GoPro camera within its space without much movement. Double suction is re-engineered to provide additional stability and security camera to take photos and videos at ease.

I recommend this mount for snowboarding and motorboat or in-car use. The double suction cup adds more strength to the surface and also the GoPro camera. I am sure you would be happy to have this suction mount for all your adventurous trips or vacations.

You can mount all Go Pro Hero versions including older versions like Hero 3 and Hero 4. It is recommended to test this mount on snowboard before actually using it for full time. Overall, this is one of the best GoPro mount for skiing and you won't regret buying this. 


  • Double suction cup
  • Multiple angle rotation

  • Supports both GoPro and DJI action cams


  • Strong adsorption 

  • Well built suction cups
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with GoPro cameras


Product Information

  • Dimensions: 2.26 x 2.34 x 3.68 inches
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Model name/No: AGTSM-001
  • Manufacturer: GoPro

Do you think you can go without a camera while tripping around with friends or family on an adventurous vacation like snowboarding? Of course not. Without pictures and videos, you cannot cherish all your wonderful memories at its fullest. 

Thus, you need the best GoPro for snow skiing that fits easily in your backpack and also captures the best pictures of your solitary adventure. This ski pole mount has a non-slip design that can be set up easily. It has a mounting buckle that allows you to move the GoPro camera between the mount and thus enabling fast and easy changes in the camera perspective.

Its rotating base features 360-degree rotation with 16 secure positions, so if you can shoot your skiing videos in different angles and get dynamic footage. So, buy it today and buy this best Gopro snowboard mount to hold your camera while you are doing snowboarding.


  • Useful for non-impact activities. 
  • 360 degree rotation

  • It can clamp to any 0.35 to 1.4in diameter tube.

  • No loose parts to drop or lose
  • It has a durable construction that prevents slipping and breaking 


  • Minimizes vibration and camera shake

  • Compatible with latest GoPro cameras
  • Strong grip
  • This snowboarding mount is reliable


Best Gopro Snowboard Mount

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 6 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Model name/No: SMATREE-CMP-01
  • Manufacturer: SMATREE

Smatree’s best clamp mount is here, attaching your GoPro camera to this clamp mount will give you perfect footage from a distant level. You can attach the clips on tripods, boards, pipes or any other thin non-moving,non-porous object and it gives your footage from stunning shooting angles.

All your best moments like family gatherings, snowboarding can be captured by this little camera from a natural capturing angle. This mount is easily anywhere and enjoys your fitness, party, working moments with Smatree’s slim clamp camera mount.


  • Webcam for online video calling.
  • The clamp opens 1.8 inches wide for better installation.
  • Comes with a tripod mount adapter, jaw flex mount, mobile holder and a screw. 
  • Perfect for shooting any on-going activity. 
  • A mini ball head with 360 degrees for perfecting shooting angles. 
  • Neck is flexible with height adjustment up to 13.4 inches. 


  • Easy to carry and install.

  • Good capturing angles.
  • The clamp holds the camera perfectly. 
  • Inexpensive.


When you are snowboarding, you might have the urge to shoot it by yourself. So assuming that you are equipped with an action camera like GoPro and looking for the best GoPro mount to mount your action camera on your head, chest or on the snowboard, we curated a list of mounts above. For your information, we have listed the features that we checked while picking the mounts.

Though the GoPro mounts are pretty cheap, you can't just buy a random mount available in the market. Every penny counts, that said, you must check certain features to decide whether or not the particular GoPro mount you are purchasing is worth the money or not. Now let’s get to the checklist.


This is the first and foremost feature to consider. Only when the mount is durable, it will be able to handle all the bumps, crashes, slides, and accidents that come with this sport. So if the durability takes a chance, you need to invest in a new one. So look for a mount with high durability, which is also weather-resistant or waterproof so that can withstand the snow. Prefer plastic to metal construction. 


It is a known fact that you can capture a video with your GoPro while snowboarding. That said if you have a strong mount that can simply keep your best GoPro camera for snowboarding steady despite your quick movements. So next point is to check is how stable your mount is so that the camera from shaking. 

Shooting angle

Another important feature to check is the shooting angle. You might fix the GoPro mount on your head, chest, or on the snowboard itself and the difference here is each will be recording video in a different way. So choose the mount according to your requirement. 


We know that snowboard sports require speed, twists, and turns and naturally, some hazards tend to pound on your board. With that said, chances are there your mount might drop off or gets separated from the part you fixed. So it is necessary to check how strong the mount sticks to your snowboard or helmet.

Cost: Seek for the available mounts that offer great value for professional snowboarders or just a beginner. 

Mount Location: Depending upon the type of snow(Packed, powder, iced) and the kind of gear, you can choose the mount that runs with your GoPro.


Considering all the factors, I have shortlisted the best GoPro mounts for snowboarding for you. All the GoPro camera mounts are perfect for your snowboarding activities and are highly affordable.

Are you planning a ride too? Then don’t forget to carry your GoPro and the best GoPro mount to capture the best moments from your snowboard ride. 


I am Mark Evans, I really crave to keep my audience up-to-date about all the tech-related products. You can find all the tech-related information on my website. I also help you save time to buy products online by listing out the features of the product with pros and cons. I hope you have a good time reading my blog.

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