Your electricity bill does not show detailed information on individual appliance usage; it just gives you details on how much energy you have consumed. So you would never figure out how much energy your home appliances are hogging. You need better equipment to help you understand your home energy usage. That's where a best home energy monitor come into the scenario.

best home energy monitor

Energy monitors are a type of device that is to be connected with your electricity meter so that it gathers all the information on how much each appliance is taking up power and what amount. So if you are thinking of cutting out your energy use to save some extra cash? Then, buying an energy monitor is the right thing to do. You can keep an eye on your energy consumption and save extra bucks every month.

There are different varieties of energy monitors available on the market. You just need to pick right now. If you want to check out some of the best home energy monitor options, you can do that below;



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Sense - best home energy monitor


  • Weighs 1.81 pounds

  • Dimensions are 7.9 x 7.6 x 7.4 inches

  • Batteries not required

Efergy - best home energy monitor


  • Weighs 1.32 pounds

  • Dimensions are 7.87 x 1.97 x 7.48 inches
  • 6 AA batteries required
Emporia - best home energy monitor


  • Weighs 2.86 pounds

  • Dimensions are 9.02 x 4.96 x 4.69 inches

  • Batteries not required
Eyedro - best home energy monitor


  • Weighs 1.3 pounds
  • Dimensions are 2.5 x 1.5 x 5.7 inches
  • Power Source: AC


  • Weighs 1.46 pounds

  • Dimensions are 10 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Power source: Corded electric


1. Sense Energy Monitor

Sense - best home energy monitor


  • Weight: 1.81 pounds

  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.6 x 7.4 inches
  • Battery: Batteries Not Required
  • Part Number: 12000

A sense energy monitor is one of the most popular energy monitors that everybody should use to keep watch of their household appliance usage. This monitor can measure current and volt a million times per second with uncompromised accuracy. 

With this monitor, you can track electricity use in real-time every second. Power-hungry devices such as AC, refrigerator consume high power, which needs to be controlled if you want to save extra cash on electricity bills. With Sense's energy monitor, you can note the power consumption of devices like AC, oven, dishwasher whenever you want; simply turn on or off the power meter. 

This is the best home energy monitor if you have solar panels installed in your home. This device monitors your solar production during the daytime, helping you balance the power consumption based on the solar energy you get. 

You can connect this device to any smart home technology such as ALEXA, IFTTT, Philips Hue, etc., to help you note constant energy consumption graphs. This device offers In-App energy costs detection by reviewing real-time energy consumption in dollars and cents.

It helps you understand how much heavy power loads are costing you and how much you are saving. When you connect the application with this device, you will get everyday notifications and progress bars so you can cut down your usage. You can either get reports via emails or SMS on your smartphones of monthly usage statistics with every detail. 

The level of leisure this energy monitor offers is stunning. If you have this tiny little energy saver machine at your home, you would know exactly how to control your home appliances and costs alongside. I highly recommend you this energy monitor from Sense that can track individual devices' usage.


  • Sense's crowdsourced energy intelligence
  • Compatible with smart home technologies
  • iOS, Android, Web application compatible
  • "HomeCheck" for fault detection
  • Real-time cost detection 
  • Monthly reports


  • Highly durable

  • Accurate I and V measures/second
  • Easy installation

  • Detects all appliance usage


  • Expensive

2. EFERGY Elite Classic 4.0 Wireless monitor

Efergy - best home energy monitor


  • Weight: 1.32 pounds

  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 1.97 x 7.48 inches

  • Battery: 6 AA batteries required.

  • Part Number: 3.0

The Elite Classic 4.0 is the latest version of the Efergy wireless electricity monitor that helps you monitor every 10-second update of your electronics home appliances. This monitor is so rapid that if you switch on lights or use a microwave or clothe dryer, hairdryer, etc., it will instantly display how much energy you have used or are using with the running appliances. 

The innovative memory function of this wireless monitor lets you know how much electricity you have used today, yesterday, in a month, or the year with accurate units. You can rely on this monitor if your home has more than ten power-consuming appliances as it would let you know how much you have used and how much you can save if you cut down your usage. 

With this portable wireless in-home energy monitor, you can walk around your home while observing the impact of every appliance on the small display screen with detailed information on cost, kWh, and CO2 daily, week, month, etc.

You can also see your historical usage data whenever you want. It is always stored in their historical usage function. There are other flexible functions like different tariffs and different world currency displays, alerts, and notifications while maximum power consumption and expensive tariffs.

The Elite Classic 4.0 is easy to install in just three simple steps: Install the sensor and transmitter, Link the transmitter and the monitor, set up your monitor. Once you follow these steps, you can easily see data and unit cost per kWh of every appliance in your house. 

This monitor does not require complex settings, plus it is portable, so there is no barrier to installation; you can place it wherever you want. The quality and durability of this monitor are supreme; thus, I would say this is the best home energy monitor available in budget price.


  • Real-time energy consumption data (Cost, CO2, and kWh)

  • Up to 328ft distance range

  • 1-year battery life

  • Engage Hub Solo for easy tracking via Android or iOS app
  • Humidity and Temperature feature in-built 
  • Four options for different tariff


  • Portable
  • Easy installation
  • Equipped with good features
  • Accurate data detection
  • Highly affordable


  • Battery not long-lasting

3. EMPORIA 2nd Gen Vue Home Energy Monitor

Emporia - best home energy monitor


  • Weight: 2.86 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 9.02 x 4.96 x 4.69 inches
  • Battery: Batteries Not Required
  • Part Number: VUE-V2-8

Emporia has developed the next-gen Vue series to promise to bring the best value and excellent quality for long-term support. Vue helps you monitor everything that's inside your home and how much each component is consuming at a given time, day, weeks, month, and so on. 

With the Emporia Vue energy monitor, you can monitor 16 different appliances in a snap. You can attach a 50A sensor to your Vue monitor to get accurate energy usage data for all the devices and appliances that you regularly use in your home. The 50A sensors come in the box, or you can buy them separately as per your choice. 

The Gen 2 Vue monitor supports either single-phase of 240VAC line-neutral; single, split-phase up to 120/240VAC; and 3-phase of 415Y/240VAC at ease so you can calculate your entire home energy usage in seconds. This monitor also tracks the net solar metering of your house via Android or iOS applications.

If you have huge appliances and your concerns are higher about the power usage, then you should buy this monitor as it simply connects to the circuit of the appliances you care about and monitor them 24 hours. 

For convenience, there's Emporia App where you can check the updates of your daily usage, alerts, and notifications in case of over-usage. This app also suggests energy-saving ideas and also lets you notify if the appliances have been left on for a long time. 

The installation of this monitor is simple. They can be installed in most of the electrical panels at home. You can connect this device over 2.4GHz WiFi to check 24/7 energy data. If you have solar panels installed at your home, then this is the best home energy monitor you can buy as it monitors renewable energy net metering to help you understand how much energy is being sent back to the grid.


  • Individual circuit monitoring (50A sensors)
  • Real-time tracking
  • 3-Phase option available
  • Net metering for solar production
  • Emporia App for easy monitoring
  • Emporia Smart Plugs 


  • Highly affordable
  • Data is accurate
  • 16 individual appliances can be monitored
  • Connects to wifi
  • Does not acquire huge space


  • Not much sophisticated

4. EYEDRO EHEM1-LV Energy monitor



  • Weight: 1.46 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 3 inches 
  • Battery: Batteries Not Required
  • Part Number: EHEM1-LV 

Are you looking for an energy tracker for your home that also helps you save money? I have a solution for you! Eyedro EHEM1-LV is an energy monitor equipment that helps you track your daily electricity usage and how much it costs you in real-time. This device empowers you to control your usage and save more money by taking little precautions. 

The EHEM1-LV is an Ethernet-connected monitor that is easy to install as it comes with two 200 A sensors and a 10 ft long Ethernet cable. Simply attach the sensors around the circuit of the appliance you want to monitor. It's that simple! 

You can use the MyEyedro cloud service after you install the monitor so that you can get actionable information like usage, cost, cost-saving suggestions, problem identification, etc. Why wait for the utility bill's arrival? Check your energy usage in real-time with EHEM1-LV. T

Here are two services you can use to monitor your daily usage: Eyedro and MyEyedro. Eyedro is accessible from any web browser, whereas MyEyedro is the software you have to install on your device which automatically stores every information in the cloud. You can rely on this energy monitor for its durability and accuracy. 

You can customize settings on MyEyedro for currencies and units in Dollars, Rupees, Watt, Amp, and many others. Analyze your energy use on MyEyedro with high resolutions bars and graphs showing individual appliance information for easy tracking.

If you install this monitor in your home, you can stay carefree from the fear of your monthly bill.


  • Free monitoring via
  • Includes dual 200A sensors for circuits
  • 3 meter long Ethernet cable
  • Discover phantom power drains
  • Responsive real-time graphs and charts
  • Downloadable data for analysis 


  • Shows accurate real-time electricity usage
  • Estimated cost
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Downloadable data for future analysis


  • It supports only three sensors per module

5. AEON Aeotec Gen 5 Energy Monitor



  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 5.7 inches
  • Battery: Batteries Not Required
  • Part Number: ZW095

Know how energy at your home is being used with the top-notch Aeotec Gen 5 home energy monitor capable of recording up to 200 amps of electricity usage in real-time with 100% accuracy. This ergonomic energy tracking monitor works at a good wireless range of 492 feet. 

Looking at the fantastic range of features, you can comprehend how accurate and durable this energy monitor could be if you install them at home. This is the best home energy monitor I would suggest for people living in huge homes with lots of appliances. 

This monitor uses Z-wave Plus to offer you wireless connectivity to work fantastically at greater distances. Without any interference, this home energy monitor can detect your home's electricity usage over a distance of 150 meters while broadcasting your data with AES-128 encryption. 

The Z-Wave energy monitor is not available everywhere. It is limited to systems in Australia, Europe, the UK, and the US. So, if you are a resident of any of these countries, you can use this energy meter at your home.   

People nowadays rely on electronics appliances even for their little work. Thus, power consumption is always at its peak.

Suppose you are concerned about your power usage and the environment, it is the right choice to install energy meters at your home that give real-time data analysis and suggest how effectively you can use heavy-duty appliances while saving money and the environment.


  • IP43 certified for weatherproof function
  • Up to 300 ft outdoor wireless control range
  • Designed with 3-clamp versions, each measuring 60 A approx
  • Works with Z-Wave network
  • Real-time reporting
  • 3-phase system


  • Efficient
  • Excellent wireless connectivity range
  • Ergonomic design
  • Complements your home decor
  • Gives 99% accuracy 


  • Works only with Z-Wave networks

6. Neurio Technology W1-HEM Energy Monitor



  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Battery: Batteries not required
  • Part Number: W1-HEM

Neurio W1-HEM is a new range of the best home energy monitors that has plenty of high-end features to help you monitor your usage data with more precision. 

It automatically directs how much power all the important appliances in your home are using. As per my observation, the installation of this monitor is a bit troublesome.

There are few components like the curb that take a lot of time to install. Thus, I would recommend calling an electrician to set up this monitor. Once it is installed, you are good to go! 

The interface of this energy monitor is pretty convenient. All the data recorded is uploaded directly on the cloud, which you can access through the web interface or via your Android or iOS apps. 

You can also check your past usage history in the 'History' option, where you would see every detail of your old data for analysis. For your cost tracking, this monitor features a unique function called 'Bill Forecasting,' where you would be informed on how much energy you've used so far in terms of cost($). Therefore, you can set your budget and plan accordingly on power usage. 

The real-time data of this Neurio W1-HEM is highly responsive. Right after you switch on any appliance, it will begin calculating the units and costs, and it changes every second depending upon the time you use the appliance.

A/C and Refrigerators are the most energy-sucking appliances. Therefore, if you have this monitor handy, you can make possible deductions in your usage and save more money on your monthly electricity bills.

This is a smart device that captures every detail of the appliances. If you have solar panels installed in your home, it would determine the exact figure on how much grid energy you've consumed and how much you've saved over some time. Thus, this is a good pick for all whole home monitoring.


  • 24/7 real-time energy usage
  • Neurio Android and iOS app
  • Compatible with smart tech (Philips Hue, IFTTT, Alexa, etc.)
  • High-resolution graph display 
  • Robust design 
  • Downloadable CSV data


  • Well built
  • Offline monitoring
  • Custom API
  • Easy interface


  • Paid monitoring software

Buying Tips for Best Home Energy Monitor

Monitor type: It is important to know what type of energy monitor you need for your home. Whether a household monitor or an individual appliance monitor. Individual appliance monitor will detect the detailed information on energy consumed by one specific appliance, whereas the household monitor helps you detect the entire appliance system power. You have to plug it into your electricity meter to get a complete energy-use illustration. I would recommend you to get the household ones as it gives you overall monitoring instead of just one appliance.

Real-time tracking: Not every home energy monitor helps you know how much cost increases or decreases while using a particular appliance. Thus, choose the monitor that has real-time cost tracking built-in system so you would know which appliance to cut down to save extra bucks.

Notification and updates: There are energy monitors connected to your device to send you notifications on energy use and tips on how to save extra cash, warnings, and hazards. If you want to ensure all your devices or appliances are hazardous, choose the energy monitor with this kind of functionality in-built.


Now that you have got plenty of information about the options and features of the best home energy monitor, it's your turn to pick the right product for yourself. Understand your needs, appliance, installation space, and other factors. If you are concerned about your utility bills, then don't delay; buy these monitors today and save extra cash for tomorrow.


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