Smart TV devices focus on providing access to content generated by users (both stored on an external hard drive as well as cloud storage) as well as interactive services and internet applications such as Youtube, many of them using adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS). This guide for the purchase of best smart TV under 300 breaks the difference between Smart TV, LED, OLED, 4 K and HDR. Every day the TV world looks better, but it's also more confusing.

Today, there seems to be a shockingly large range in the stores of HD, 4 K Ultra HD and even 8 K TVs, from big-screen shopping to high-end displays that showcase the best possible TVs. Technologies and functionality are fantastic, but all can not be held up to date, not to mention deciding how relevant they are.


From 2021, five smart operating systems have now become available: Android TV, WebOS, Tizen, Roku TV and SmartCast, which are used respectively by Sony, LG , Samsung, TCL and Vizio. In its basic form, a smart TV is an internet-connected TV with web-related functionality.

It might be a web browser, but its appeal is usually based on its ability to use online services like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. If you have ever used something like an Apple TV, a Roku, or a Chromecast, then your capabilities are quite alike already.

Smart TVs have upgraded in recent years. Unfortunately, the early days of smart TV technology were full of bad results, including inexistent software updates and general manufacturer support.

But easily and successfully, smart TV platforms give you wide access to applications and on-demand services, such as Disney Plus, Netflix and many others. These TVs have ways of connecting to your smart home and offer your own navigation and style. This will assist you in quickly and efficiently getting to things – or at least that is the objective.

8 best smart tv under 300 review

1. Toshiba 32LF221U21 32-inch Smart HD TV

TOSHIBA TF-32A710U21 - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 8 x 28.8 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Toshiba.
  • Model name/No: TF-32A710U21.

Leading the list of best Smart TV under 300 is Toshiba 4 K UHD Smart TV, which is a new generation of TV with built-in Fire TV functionality and voice control Alexa included. Toshiba offers an outstanding TV experience that is smarter every day with realistic 4 K Ultra HD image quality and access to all the movies and TV shows you like.

Alexa's Voice Remote lets you do all you could expect from remote applications — plus, you can easily launch apps, search titles, play music, switch input, handle smart home devices and much more using your voice.

You only have to plug in, connect and enjoy Wi-Fi. It aids you to witness excellent 4 K Ultra HD image quality of over 8 million pixels for awe-inspiring clearness, strong contrast and bright colors.

The Dolby Vision HDR offers an improved 4K HDR display experience, with an extended spectrum of overlapping and outstanding lighting. Toshiba is designed for performance and speed. It is powered by a quad-core Processor/Multi-core GPU for quick and smooth search results.

It provides an easy connection to Wi-Fi, three HDMI inputs and several input/output options. You could even adjust the name of each input and the image settings for each connected device.

This best smart TV under 300 is compatible with HDR, allowing you to enjoy HDR movies and TV shows. In addition, your TV continues to be smarter with new Alexa capabilities and automatic over-the-air software updates, and you'll always have the current version.


  • Display Type: LED.
  • Resolution: HD (720p).
  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches.
  • No High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • Backlight Type: Direct.
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz.
  • Specific Manufacturer Technologies: Fire TV Experience built-in, Voice Remote (Alexa).
  • Smart Platform: Fire TV.
  • Streaming Services: Apple TV+, Sling TV, HBO GO, Disney+, HBO NOW, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube.
  • The number of HDMI Inputs: 3.
  • Works With: Amazon Alexa.
  • Voice Assistant Built-in: Amazon Alexa.
  • 178° viewing angle.
  • Two 6w Onkyo speakers (TruSurround and Dolby Audio).
  • Quad-core processor.


  • It can be voice commanded by Alexa via its voice remote.
  • The Fire TV enables a wide range of channels.


  • The built-in Wifi adapter is not up to the mark.

2. TCL 32 Inch 1080p Smart Roku LED TV

TCL 49S325 - best smart tv under 300

Product Information 

  • Dimensions: 32 x 8.7 x 27.6 inches.
  • Weight: 22 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: TCL.
  • Model name/No: 49S325.

The fastest-growing US TV company, TCL, one of the worlds biggest TV manufacturers, provides easy access from a simple, streamlined design to over 500,000 movies and TV shows, cable boxes, game consoles and other gadgets. It can connect all the devices you choose. Furthermore, the integrated TV tuner helps you to access free over-the-air HD video, which makes it the perfect cord-cut TV.

The 3-series is also the most robust. From 28 "HD monitors to 43" Full HD models, ideal for the kitchen countertop, to 49 "models, suitable for the home theater in the living room. 

TCL 49S325, the largest 3-series TCL. The 3-series is the full-high definition TCL smart TV series. This best smart Tv under 300 is not bundled in 4K with any of the picture processing features, yet again, the 3-series is inexpensive like the 4-series.

Other than the price point, the advantage of the 3-Series is obviously that it comes with built-in Roku so that you won't be totally dry in terms of features.

Via TCL Roku TVs that automatically update applications, it introduces new technologies, apps and services to enhance your experience over time. The 3-series is no bad choice if you are searching for a small screen for a second room in your home.


  • 32 inch LED Display.
  • Resolution: 4K ultra HDR (3,840×2,160 resolution).
  • HDR: NA.
  • Smart TV (Interface): Roku TV.
  • Ports: 3 x HDMI, USB, Ethernet Port, ++.
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz.
  • Audio Output speakers: 2 x 8 watts.
  • Internet Connectivity: LAN, Wi-Fi.


  • Smart functionality, great features.
  • Good contrast ratio.


  • Its brightness is restrictive.

3. TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV

TCL 50S425 - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 44.1 x 8 x 28 inches.
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: TCL.
  • Model name/No: 50S425.

This best smart TV under 300 has the innovation you need at the moment – 4 K resolution. You will then watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies in the best possible condition. In addition, the high dynamic range (HDR) allows for more contrast so that every aspect is clearly and beautifully seen on your screen.

The 3-series is also the most robust. From 28 "HD monitors to 43" Full HD models, ideal for the kitchen countertop, to 49 "models, suitable for the home theater in the living room.

This TV is also extremely compatible with several inputs. This can be connected to a wide variety of devices to coordinate a home theatre.

Kudos to the Smart TV apps on this unit, all your favorite streaming services and applications can be compiled on the same spot. Since this TV also features Roku TV, every hour of the day you can enjoy endless entertainment.

In conclusion, the TCL 50S425 is is a top budget television. It doesn't have the pledged and promised 120-hertz refresh rate, but the overall quality and low input lag, with 4K capacity and the incorporated Roku TV, contribute to making this TV a great choice.


  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution.
  • Backlight: Direct LED.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology.
  • Horizontal viewing angle: 178 degrees.
  • Vertical viewing angle: 178 degrees.
  • 4K Creative Pro upscaling engine.
  • Clear motion index.
  • 120Hz effective refresh rate.
  • TV Tuner: Analog (NTSE/ PAL/ SECAM), Clear QAM, ATSC.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet port.
  • 2 CPU cores, 2 GPU cores.


  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Good color length.
  • HDR10 available.


  • No Dolby vision.

4. Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A Smart LED TV

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 29.3 x 17.4 inches.
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: SAMSUNG.
  • Model name/No: UN32M4500AFXZA.

Next up in my list of best smart TV under 300 is Samsung UN32M4500A, which is a 32-inch (LED) high definition TV with 1366x768 (720p) native resolution. You can experience a larger color range in clear HD 720P for an enriched your home entertainment experience. 

Also enjoy your favorite movies, TV, and games with a sleeker profile with significantly improved color and light owing to the slim backlighting technology of UN32M4500A.

Two HDMI inputs and one video input component are included in this TV. This best smart TV under 300 also doubles as a video input from a composite. It has a USB port that can be used to play media, photos, videos and music on a flash drive.

This also assists you to get a clear and moving picture with an astounding refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology at Motion Rate 60. 

The TV decodes DTS material (ex: Blu-ray, streaming media) and releases separate audio data channels inside the material for a spectacular and immersive listening experience from the embedded audio network. You can use an HDMI connection that transmits both signals over a single cable to provide better quality audio and video.

The Samsung UN32J4001 measures 18.2*28.9*6.4 inches, with its base also included. The panel itself is 3.1 inches thick and has a brilliant finish, including protrusions. Overall, this Smart TV fits my budget-friendly list.


  • Display Technology: LED.
  • Resolution: 720p.
  • Model: UN32J4001AFXZA.
  • Screen Size: 31.5".
  • Assembled Product Weight: 13.7 lbs.
  • Depth (with stand): 6.40".
  • Width (with stand): 28.90".
  • Series: 4 Series.
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz.
  • Height (with stand): 18.20".
  • Wide color enhancer.
  • Motion rate 60.
  • DTS premium sound.


  • Slim design.
  • Clear resolution with Motion rate 60.
  • Good clarity and detailing.


  • Not very energy efficient.

5. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32" 1080p Smart LED TV

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 28.9 x 6.4 x 18.2 inches.
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: SAMSUNG.
  • Model name/No: UN32N5300AFXZA.

This smart TV guarantees that you will have exquisite viewing experience with Full HD 1080p resolution. You can enjoy a clear picture, full of sharp, crystal clear details. This is further amplified by a motion rate 60 which enables the images to flow easily, ensuring that every sequence of action is instantaneous and perfect. 

This is also a best smart TV under 300 in addition to the great viewing options and makes it easy to access all your apps, streaming platforms and more via a single remote TV.

This model is equipped with even a quad-core processor to make this possible. The key innovation is an integrated SmartThings app that makes it much easier to monitor the TV and other smart appliances.

In addition, the Samsung Smart Hub lets you quickly find different films, TV shows, sporting events and more. The smart Menu is simple to understand and easy to personalize. All the programs can be reorganized, and you can even set up a "quick access" feature, if you need it.

Another highlight of this model is the high-quality HDR support, which ensures greatly improved detail, clearness and increased contrast. In addition, the UN32N5300 offers a faster connection to the internet thanks to the Wi-Fi 802.11ac iteration compared with the previous model.


  • Display: 32 inches LED Display.
  • Resolution: Full HDR (1920 x 1080 resolution).
  • HDR: HDR10.
  • Smart TV (Interface): Yes.
  • Ports: 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and 1 Ethernet port.
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz.
  • Viewing Angle: Around 178°.
  • Internet Connectivity: Both LAN and Wi-Fi.


  • Good clarity and detail.
  • Highly efficient 720p resolution.
  • Quad-core processor.


  • No headphone connectivity.

6. Hisense 50R7E 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV HDR

HISENSE 50R7E - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 44.4 x 9.7 x 27.7 inches.
  • Weight: 30 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Hisense.
  • Model name/No: 50R7E.

Another best smart TV under 300, The Hisense 50R7E uses Roku TV for its GUI and linked functionality, allowing it to browse a large catalog of Roku Channel Store applications and streaming services. The most common video streaming names are Amazon, Google Play Movies & TV, HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, and Youtube.

The range of music is a little slimmer, with Amazon Streaming, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora and Vevo. Roku also offers many more specific applications covering individual channels, genres, topics or even regions.

The Roku app allows you to control the TV via your smartphones and tablets and allows you to get several useful features with the remote alone. You can use voice search on your mobile app to scan for specific movies and shows.

As for a budget TV, the R7 is a little predictable. This panel is surrounded by flat black plastic bezels measuring roughly half an inch long on top and side, which taper with glossy black borders.

The lower lens is slightly wider, with no taper, but a small bump in the middle with the Hisense logo and an infrared sensor on the bottom left (with the power button right below it). The TV is equipped with two V-shaped black plastic legs.

This is simple, completely functioning television at very low prices. Thanks to Roku TV, it can deliver you a lot of digital media and a fairly decent image thanks to reliable color reproduction. The contrast is low, but you will literally find nothing much better in the vicinity of this quality.


  • Display: 50 inches LED Display.
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra (3840 x 2160 resolution).
  • HDR: Yes, HDR10.
  • Smart TV (Interface).
  • Ports: 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and an Ethernet port.
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz.
  • Viewing Angle: 178°.
  • Audio Output- DBX, Dolby Audio and Dolby Digital Plus.
  • Speaker: – 2 x 10 watts.
  • Internet Connectivity: Both LAN, Wi-Fi.


  • Minimal input lag.
  • Extremely budget-friendly.
  • Accurate colors.


  • Nonsmart, IR only-remote.

7. Samsung Electronics UN32J4001 32-Inch 720p LED TV

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 28.9 x 6.4 x 18.2 inches.
  • Weight: 9.3 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: SAMSUNG.
  • Model name/No: UN32J4001AFXZA.

This slim and elegant intelligent, best smart TV under 300 looks amazing on the wall of your bedroom and fuses seamlessly with the trendy interior.

The 720p HD makes your shows, films and games brighter and more vivid. Even if you watch old non-HD content, this smart TV would improve color and quality. The rate of refreshment is incredible, the Motion Rate 60 and the backlight technology, therefore, provide clear moving pictures.

With this Samsung UN32J4001 32" Class LED TV you will experience a wider range of color in clear HD 720P for an enriched home entertainment experience. Enjoy your favorite movies, TV, and games in a slimmer profile thanks to the j4001s slim fled backlighting technology.

Enjoy higher quality audio and video with an HDMI connection that transmits both signals over a single cable. Plug your favorite media into your TV, watch videos, play music, or view photos through a USB connection. Also, you can further enhance your audio quality with best home theater system.


  • Screen Size: 32" (31.5").
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768.
  • Display: LED.
  • Smart TV Features: ConnectShare.
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
  • Total HDMI Ports: 2.
  • Sound Features: Down Firing + Base Reflex (2CH), Dolby MS10, DTS Studio Sound, DTS Premium Sound.
  • Tuners Configuration: 1x analog, 1x digital.
  • Energy Consumption per Year: 53 kW.
  • Video Interface: HDMI, component, composite.
  • LCD Backlight Technology.


  • Low response time, i.e. negligible motion blur.
  • Good quality sound.


  • Poor contrast ratio makes the black look grey in a dark room.

8. VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 32" Class FHD Smart Full-Array LED TV D32f-F1

VIZIO SMARTCAST - best smart tv under 300

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 28.77 x 2.99 x 16.96 inches.
  • Weight: 11.46 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Vizio.
  • Model name/No: B07195FH8G.

This intelligent, best smart TV under 300 supports Full HD images. The quality of the image is crystal clear, and no distortions exist. The TV features built-in Wi-Fi to connect to internet applications to stream videos instantly. It also has two HDMI ports. The LED light on the screen is backlit, which means that image light is distributed more uniformly.

Thanks to this technology, you can see a clear image without shadows. The D series has dark black, which gives the image a high contrast ratio. It is excellent in 1080p and offers rich details. Image-wise, this is really an HDTV and every penny is worth it.

The design of Vizio D Series 2016 looks good from the watching directly in front. It looks bulky on the side or in a setup where the back of the TV can be seen.

 The back of the television looks bulky, but very well designed since the TV is wall-mounted and no connections are blocked. Two plastic frames keep the TV robustly on either side. The scale of the base of the 50 "television stand is 10.2" x 39


  • Functionality: Internet radio playback, Internet video playback, digital audio playback, digital photo playback, digital video playback.
  • Type: Remote control.
  • Remote Control Model: VIZIO XRT122.
  • Compliant Standards: FCC Class B certified, IC BETS-7, ICES-003, UL, cUL.
  • Color Category: black.
  • Flat Panel Mount Interface: 100 x 100 mm.
  • TypeLED-backlit LCD TV.
  • Smart TV.
  • LCD Backlight Technology: LED backlight.
  • Video Interface: HDMI, component, composite.
  • HDMI Ports Qty: 2.
  • Diagonal Class: 32 inches.
  • Display Format: 1080p (Full HD).
  • Motion Enhancement Technology: 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate, Clear Action 240.
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 200000:1.
  • Viewing Angle: 178°.
  • Viewing Angle (Vertical): 178°.
  • Two 5W built-in speakers.


  • Good picture quality.
  • Low input lag.
  • Low motion blur.


  • Compromised picture quality at a particular angle.


No TV buying guide would be complete without a resolution discussion. The 1920 x 1080 resolution, also known as full HD, has been the standard for many years and remains the most popular resolution on televisions worldwide.

But TV manufacturers rapidly turn to Ultra HD sets (also known as 4 K). These 4 K models have the number of pixels of current HDTV screens four times. I am talking about 2,160 horizontal lines or about 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Many modern TVs are smart TVs these days. It comes to the point where the word 'smart' feels a little needless. You will have to search a lot to find a new TV, which does not have at least a few smart apps.

Nearly all new TVs are fitted with an intelligent platform. Some companies opt for their own intelligent platforms, where others decide to integrate intelligent platforms like Android or Roku.

Regardless, apps' choice is great, and most common apps are available on almost every platform.

If you have been shopping for a TV for nearly ten years now, you could find the latest jargon (such as smart LED, Ultra HD, 4 K, 8 K, OLED, QLED, HDR, 120Hz and HDMI 2.1) to be a little daunting.

I hope my list of best smart TV has nudged you in the right direction. If any questions are present in your mind regarding this article, please ask them in the comment section. Cheers!


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