Are you in search of a fully functional, high-end gaming monitor but struggling with the budget? Then there’s an option you shouldn’t neglect in any case. LG 27UK850-W is a class 4K Ultra HD LED monitor that any mediocre gamer can buy and experience superior gaming in vibrant, fluid and extremely stunning visual colors. The speed and HDR feature is the highlight of this monitor that makes it a total win-win product for budget-restricted buyers.

HDR10 effect and HDCP 2.2 compatibility of the LG 27UK850-W model helps display 4K contents in maximum clarity without motion blur connection issues. You can have a secure connection between the source and the display. HDCP 2.2 is a digital content protection technology that helps prevent replication of digital content, ultimately reducing piracy of movies, videos, etc.

This feature is hard to find in most of the monitors. Fortunately, you get it here with the LG27UK850 IPS monitor. Certain advanced gaming features such as Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, AMD FreeSync all contribute to precise, smooth fluid gaming action that nearly feels real as if you are playing on the actual field with actual enemies.


The LG27UK850-W is a 27-inch gaming monitor that packs plenty of gaming features and technologies for an immersive gaming experience. The IPS display makes wide-angle viewing easier without deterioration of pixel density or clarity.

Every color on the screen will have a stunning HDR effect with vibrant pigmentation. The LG 27UK850-W is a gaming-oriented monitor, so if you have a budget below $500, you can totally go for it. 

Needless to say, LG27UK850-W is one of the 5 best gaming monitors from 2019 and still continues to stay on the top of the game.







Looking at the portrait, the clarity of the LG27UK850 will blow your mind. The 3840x2160p 4K Ultra-HD resolution can make every tiny bit of the image appear in the highest clarity and brightness, and you can feel the sharpness of the image sitting from a few inches away.

The monitor has 178°/178° IPS technology (CR>10) that ensures every image on the screen is accurate, consistent, and bright even when viewed from any angle. The highest resolution and IPS panel make this unit suitable for photo or video editing activities.

On a 27inch screen, you get 10-bit color depth (8bit + A-FRC) combined and a pixel pitch of 0.15mm that supports the production of millions of colors on the screen in a vibrant quality. The contrast ratio it offers is 1000:1, which is considered okay for a display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

It has 99%sRGB color gamut, which means it can record or produce a wide spectrum of colors on the screen in the highest image quality. So, if you wish to watch sRGB content over this monitor, you can completely trust this monitor to show the content inaccurate colors and clarity.

If 99%sRGB is not enough, there’s 4K UHD resolution that delivers stunning clarity with +8 million pixels with a pixel density of 163ppi.

The typical brightness it can offer is 350-nits and a minimum of up to 280-nits, but when you turn the HDR mode on, the peak brightness boosts up to 450-nits and lets you watch HDR-compatible content in ultra-sharp picture clarity. Although you cannot enjoy all sorts of HDR content as this monitor does not support what’s required for a High Dynamic Range viewing experience, i.e.,>90% DCI-P3 color gamut and contrast ratio.

Due to the lack of certain HDR standards or specs, you might sometimes experience glitches while watching HDR content. In the typical SDR mode, your content will have no obstructions and have a better viewing experience in bright, stunning colors.


The LG 27UK850-W easily appeals to any hardcore gamer with its lightning-fast in-game responsiveness. The performance of this monitor is top-notch due to featuring plenty of gaming technologies such as AMD FreeSync that improves input lag and response time during MMO gaming or FPS gaming.

There is very little about this monitor that can be disappointing, i.e., its 60Hz refresh rate, but considering it as an Ultra HD screen, 60Hz is the standard rate other competitors are offering too. Despite its low frame rendering rate, it can still manage to provide low input lag and the fastest response time. You can securely connect to AMD FreeSync via DisplayPort or HDMI input to enjoy super-fast gaming performance.

With fast overdrive settings, you can control motion blurs unwanted flickers during your intense gameplay. For fast-paced games, you might suffer a bit as you are used to operating at 140 Hz above refresh rate, which is a huge advantage in FPS gaming. However, 60FPS is a good deal knowing that the LG27UK850 has great built-in hardware and connection interfaces that greatly helps during high-end gaming.

You can buy a premium graphics card to go with this monitor to have no tearing or stuttering while playing FPS games where fast-moving objects should have no tearing effect in them. The Adaptive FreeSync alone is sufficient to provide fast frame rendering without the help of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. Hence, it was not included in this monitor.

The response time this monitor advertises is 5ms which is perfect as you would not experience any lag in between the frames. All you have to do is set the response time at ‘Faster’ in the OSD menu so you can automatically get a 5ms response speed during your FPS games. With this monitor, you can be sure about ghosting or screen freezing, as this will be completely avoided with a 60Hz refresh rate.


Watching full HD content on this monitor becomes much easier with HDR 10. This monitor includes industry-standard HDR10 that supports a wide spectrum of colors, brightness, and contrast to let you have maximum watching fun on a 27 inch 4K monitor. The HDR effect is an additional setting you get that takes your SDR visuals to HDR quality, so you get perfect, bright image production.

A unique feature on this monitor is HDCP 2.2 compatibility which is the latest standard of copy protection that offers a secure connection between the source and the display. In this case, you cannot take the output from the source, eg. A Blu-ray player and plug it into another device to make a copy of it. This feature will help display videos from 4K streaming sources Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc players without worrying about the content being pirated. 

AMD FreeSync Technology gives gamers the freedom to play effortlessly with seamless fluid motion throughout fast-paced games. AMD FreeSync technology prevents or can say eliminates any screen tearing or stuttering that might occur during fast-paced games. You can access the FreeSync technology with either HDMI or DisplayPort.

On-screen Control(OSC) is made available on this monitor that puts a host of most used monitor settings handy so that you don’t have to switch displays and access them. You can directly access settings such as Volume, Brightness, Dual Controller, Picture Mode Presents, Screen Split, and many other options from the OSC feature. To enable this feature on your monitor, you will need to download compatible software.

Black Stabilizer is also included in the LG27UK850 monitor that alters the gamma curve of the light spectrum to make dark subjects on the screen 2x times visible for better judgment during intense gameplay. The Dynamic Action Sync helps reduce input lag and calibrate picture colors to make your display ready for RTS and FPS games.

Design and Connectivity

The 3-sided, virtually borderless design of the LG27UK805 monitor, is a real catch here. With a stunning b/w accent on the front and rear, this monitor looks highly elegant and unique than most of the gaming monitors on the market in 2022.

If you are in search of the best gaming monitor 2022 that provides effortless performance along with stunning visuals and design, then LG27UK805 is an option to consider.

The stand on which the monitor sits is U-lined cast aluminum that also allows you to make ergonomic adjustments to get a better and more comfortable view of the screen. The sleek design of the stand and the monitor does not use up much desk space, instead making your desk look more organized and elegant. 

The stand measures 16 inches while the monitor measures 24 inches. This is an indication that this is the slimmest gaming monitor you can install at your home. The 3 sided thin bezels measure to be 0.25 inches, and the bottom bezel measures 0.1 inches.

All goes barely noticeable on this huge 27-inch screen. Due to thin bezels, you get a wide viewing space which is an advantage during watching movies or playing RTS, MMO games.

The stand can tilt -5° to 20° back and forth while offering height adjustment up to 4.7inches(110mm). Besides, you get a 90° pivot for turning the display from landscape to portrait or vice-versa.

The inputs and outputs of the LG27UK850 monitor are rich that include 2 HDMI(2.0 HDR support), 1 DisplayPort(ver 1.4 HDR support),1 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB-C port, Dual USB 3.0 hub siding with 5W Maxx Audio built-in speakers. The DisplayPort supports HDCP 2.2 so that you can stream 4K streaming services such as Amazon Prime Netflix in 4K clarity. At the same time, both DisplayPort and HDMI support FreeSync 60Hz dynamic refresh rate.


Screen Size


Screen Curvature



3840×2160 (UHD)

Aspect Ratio

16:9 (Widescreen)

Panel Type


Refresh Rate


Adaptive Sync

FreeSync (40Hz-60Hz)

Response Time

5ms (GtG)


DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0

Other Ports

2x USB 3.0, USB-C, Headphones Jack


350 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio

1000:1 (static)


1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC)
98% DCI-P3



Brightness (HDR)

450 cd/m2


Yes (100x100mm)




  • Borderless sleek design
  • Unique U-shaped aluminum stand
  • IPS panel supporting HDR10
  • Anti-glare screen
  • sRGB 99%(Typ.)


  • Low refresh rate
  • Speakers are average


LG 34WN80C is an exemplary model for professional video editors, photographers, and developers. If you are looking for a monitor with diverse specifications in editing-centric features then LG 34WN80C is for you. The monitor supports a USB-C port with strict color precision on such a low budget. 

For the ability of multitasking and ultrawide view LG 34WN80C has grabbed the position of most popular monitor across global markets. The combination of picture quality and HDR support makes this the best ultrawide monitor in this price range. LG 34WN80C is bound to satisfy you with innovative features and a flawless smooth experience.


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