LG 27Ul500 W review

If you are looking for a monitor with bright colors, reasonable price, amplifying image qualities, and smooth performance, then LG 27UL500 is the perfect monitor for you. The 27 inches widescreen monitor comes with an IPS panel that delivers vivid images and colors. This monitor with low input lag is amazing for gaming and professional color-critical works.

LG 27UL500 is suitable for working and gaming in dark environments by handling the glare of the screen. Due to the excellent performance and fantastic image quality, the monitor is ranked no 1 in the market. The price of the monitor makes a good choice for high resolution and accurate pictures. The VRR feature prevents screen tearing with AMD freeSync technology.

LG 27UL500 is suitable for casual gamers, media consumption, and everyday tasks with its color fidelity and gamma contrast. For more detailed information about the entry-level 4k monitor with HDR 10 support, scroll down below.


LG 27UL500 is an affordable 4k IPS monitor and if you are on budget, then this is an excellent choice. The smooth performance and immersive qualities of the images are ideal for gaming and working every day. The vibrant colors and Freesync technology lets you work with it in a dim-lit environment.

It comes with additional useful features like sRGB color gamut, HDR 10, pixel response, and variable refresh rates. The monitor delivers immersive image qualities and smooth performance that is more than enough at this affordable price. Users get plenty of gaming features with low input lag and quick response time.

It stands out for its sleek and elegant design with a wide footprint. LG 27UL500 is an affordable monitor on this budget, perfect for editing and entertainment purposes.







LG 27UL500 has an IPS panel with a 10-bit color depth and 98% sRGB color gamut. The monitor comes calibrated from the company, so it does not require any up-gradation.

The 300-nit peak brightness with a 1000:1 contrast ratio delivers immersive image quality with HDR support; LG 27UL500 has high brightness capability and outstanding contrast performance, which makes the experience overwhelming.

The gray uniformity of the monitor is excellent with a well-targeted gamma curve. The post-calibration color of LG 27ul500 is outstanding with minimal inaccuracies. Users get the opportunity to experience amazing image retention performances without any color bleed.

4k resolution produces crystal clear text, which increases the readability as well as the viewing experience. The image quality of the monitor is fantastic, with sharp scaling and clear details. Most of the expensive 4k monitors come with zero screen distortion, so you can expect the same here.  


The monitor has a lower input lag with an 8ms pixel response time speed. Users won't experience any lag while working on this monitor, thanks to 60Hz refresh rates and decent response time. This makes the LG 27UL500 demanding in the market for a responsive gaming experience in this price range. It comes with freesync technology and variable refresh rates that go well with the compatible graphics card.

This comes with a Radeon FreeSync, which helps resolve the communication issues between the monitor and the processor. So there is no image tears or choppiness. But remember, you can avail the freeSync only when the monitor is connected via HDMI or DisplayPort.

As already said, this monitor has some amazing game modes, especially for first-person shooter games. With RTS pre-set mode, you can choose the best condition for the game. Adding to this, the On-screen control 2.2 permits you to take fast and easy control of crucial monitor settings that include a picture, audio, and screen split with a few clicks of your mouse.


On-screen control comes with essential settings of the monitor attached with mouse and keyboard. It lets you split the screen while multitasking and operating multiple windows. LG 27UL500 comes with a black stabilizer as a gaming feature that improves the visibility of the screen. The precalibrated picture presents FPS and RTS game genres.

G-sync compatibility is common as a 4k monitor with UHD options without any delay. 4K resolution gives a lot of real-estate screens that boost productivity. OSD is easy to use in this monitor with a 5way joystick at the bottom bezel of the screen.

Standard adjustments and advanced picture settings like saturation and four gammas preset come with manual color configuration. There are many other presets presents like vivid, cinema which improves the content quality.

Design and Connectivity

LG 27UL500 has matte white chassis that is paired with a silver stand for a refreshing look. This monitor comes with a tilted display of -5 degrees to 15 degrees with detachable stand. VESA pattern helps in using a 100*100mm screen on a third-party stand. Dark bezels of the monitor are coated with a 3H anti-glare coating. The matte coating prevents reflections on the monitor screen. Though the monitor body is made of plastic, it is durable and can last for long time.  

LG 27UL500 has two HDMI 2.0 ports, display port 1.4, and a headphone jack. All the connectivity options support AMD freesync technology upto 60Hz at 4k. All the components are well executed, preventing any gaps in between. The base of the monitor takes up lots of desk space, but it helps in providing excellent stability.

There are no built-in speakers irrespective of two HDMI ports and a separate set. Apart from stability, the monitor comes with a tilt adjustment that is unique for LG 27UL500.


Screen Size


Screen Curvature



3840×2160 (Ultra HD)

Aspect Ratio

16:9 (Widescreen)

Panel Type


Refresh Rate


Adaptive Sync

FreeSync (40Hz-60Hz)

Response Time

5ms (GtG)


DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0

Other Ports

Headphone Jack


300 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio

1000:1 (static)


1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC)




Yes (100x100mm)


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Accurate display
  • Affordable pricing
  • Compatible HDR 10 version
  • Suitable for entertainment and professional work purposes
  • Superior image quality
  • Eye- friendly


  • Average gaming performance
  • Uneven stand


Keeping in mind all the advantages and disadvantages of the monitor, LG 27UL500 with 27-inch widescreen and a 178-degree viewing angle is a perfect 4k monitor for work and entertainment. It is also a good choice for your daily work usage and light gaming.

LG has already offered a bunch of amazing monitors. If you are in search of a simple and affordable 27inch 4k monitor that can offer a smooth gaming experience and enhanced viewing, then LG 27UL500 is an ideal choice. However, if you are looking for better options, do compare this model with other monitors before purchasing.


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