LG 34GP83A-B review

The LG 34GP83A is a limited edition UltraGear curved gaming monitor built for serious gamers. This is a slightly upgraded version of LG34GK950F with a noticeable difference in response time.

This gaming monitor features a 1ms GTG response speed and is G-SYNC compatible. The LG34GP83A-B is an elegant and sleek curved monitor that comes in a 34-inch screen size and built-in Nano-IPS pan to ensure vibrant color emission when combined with 3440 x 1400p Ultrawide resolution to give the highest pixel clarity and immersive experience to the users.

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The LG34GP83A-B is an impressive gaming monitor if you are looking for an affordable option. This monitor offers flawless performance and includes game-focused features such as Black Stabilizer, AMD FreeSync, DAS technology, and G-Sync compatibility.

The 34-inch curved screen provides huge space for productive gaming and editing as well. To put it simply, this is a good investment for under $500 as you get hi-tech features, exemplary picture quality, and explicit gaming performance. 







The LG34GP83A-B is incredibly reliable in terms of image quality. With the use of an IPS panel and DCI-P3 98% Color gamut, this monitor helps deliver beautiful vibrant pixels on the screen even when watched from a few feet distance. The DCI-P3 color gamut range is nearly equal to ~135%sRGB.

However, this range is quite high for watching sRGB oriented web content and some games as well as it would oversaturate the brightness and will disappoint the users by producing poor, washed-out picture quality. To avoid this, the LG34GP83A-B monitor has a picture mode specifically for sRGB contents so that whenever you are streaming full HD content with high color gamut value, you can activate this mode.

This mode brings the color gamut value back to ~100%sRGB so that you enjoy sRGB gaming or streaming inaccurate color production quality. No matter whether you’re watching sRGB content or some other, you will get precise and accurate color quality. The LG34GP83A-B has a 400-nits peak brightness and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, which indicates that you will have maximum brightness even in daylight.

LG 34GP83A-B review

The contrast ratio is always quite low in most of the IPS panels as compared to VA panels, but this gaming monitor will not disappoint you, nor will its IPS technology. The monitor has 178degree wide-angle viewing, which lets you move this monitor at any angle and yet have utmost picture quality without any degradation.

This gaming monitor supports HDR, but you cannot expect much from it as it would need even a bigger screen to perfectly function HDR content. Nevertheless, the LG34GP83A-B monitor will still let you catch the sight of HDR up to 390.0cd/m2 to 455cd/m2.

Another reason why the UltraGear LG34GP83A-B is the best gaming monitor on the market is due to its 3440x 1440p Ultrawide resolution that enables the highest pixel production of 110 p/inch on this 34-inch display screen. The widescreen involves a 21:9 aspect ratio which makes it suitable for immersive gaming and entertainment. The horizontal format also provides extra space to do editing or programming tasks effortlessly.


Performance relies on the hardware specs that are involved in any monitor. Since the UltraGear LG34GP83A-B is a gaming monitor, you will anticipate the efficiency or performance to be top-notch. Well, you are lucky because this LG monitor has the highest response speed of 1ms GtG and an ultra-fast refresh rate of 160 Hz making this monitor a complete game changer to their other competitors.

Overclock 160 Hz refresh rate enhances fluid gaming motion so that the user experiences the screen most realistically. With such a high refresh rate, the frame appears more rapidly than monitors involving 60 or 70Hz refresh rate.

Besides, this 160 Hz refresh rate screen provides better picture quality low motion blur, and is easy on the eyes, which is a staple need in any gaming monitor these days.  

The performance of this gaming monitor stays on the top because it involves high-end gaming features that help in more immersive gaming. For starters, the LG34GP83A-B has NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility, which, when activated, reduces screen tearing freezing, minimizes shutters, and displays smooth pixels.

Radeon AMD FreesSync Premium technology allows gamers to experience smooth fluid motions in high-resolution even in full-paced games, AMD technology also reduces screen tearing and stuttering.

The set off in this monitor is the DAS(Dynamic Action Sync) technology which will help you realize what real-time gameplay feels like. DAS helps in quick response, minimizes input lag, and enhances performance. With such a powerful range of gaming specs, you can beat any opponent while admiring the clean fluid motion experience in the highest picture quality.


Some of the loftiest features of the UltraGear LG 34GP83A-B and their functions are listed below;

Black Stabilizer® helps you detect your opponents hidden in the dark. This feature improves the on-screen vision of the user. When you enable Black Stabilizer, you will notice a significant difference in the shadows before and after. This feature helps the gamer to see clearly even in the darkest room or in any game that involves a dark background.  

Crosshair® provides a similar function but with much accuracy. This feature is very useful in first-person shooter games, which need the highest precision while gaming. The feature helps the user focus in the center for perfect aiming. While playing FPS games, you can turn on the Crosshair function and be at the winning end.

LG 34GP83A-B review

AMD FreeSync™Premium Technology, on the other hand, supports fluid motion and a seamless gaming experience for the gamer. You would not feel screen freezing even in fast-paced games that the AMD technology will ensure. When you turn on the AMD FreeSync™Premium screen, tearing and stuttering will be eliminated.

Ultra-fast Overclock 160 Hz refresh rate displays the next image or frame within a fraction of seconds and makes the images appear in the highest quality without blurring out. It also enhances the fluid gaming motion in FPS games. With a 160 Hz refresh rate, the gamer will have the advantage of easy targeting at the enemy and win the game.

NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatible is featured in almost all gaming monitors. Even in the LG 34GP83A-B, G-Sync plays an important role in eliminating screen shutters, tearing, blurring, etc. DAS(Dynamic Action Sync®)technology provides a pro-level experience to the gamers and minimizes the input lag, which is the major cause of losing any game battle.

Nano 1PS Ims GtG is unique in this monitor that helps the gamer to have a lifelike gaming experience by giving off an ultra-fast response speed of 1m GTG and ultra-fast refresh rate without hampering the picture intensity on the screen.

Design and Connectivity

The UltraGear LG34GP83A-B gaming monitor is a curved 34” Ultra-wide QHD display screen and Nano IPS display. The design of this gaming monitor is very impressive, with a sturdy build that involves ultra-thin bezels. The display screen has an anti-glare matte coating that minimizes reflection and also allows clear pixel production, and is not too grainy.

The hard coating 3H surface treatment does not let any dust sit on the screen and also helps eliminate daylight reflection. The vibrant red streaks on the back make this monitor more attractive and sophisticated.

The sturdy design comes with a lot of versatility, such as height adjustment up to 110mm, 100x100mm VESA mountable capacity, and 5/15 tilt. This monitor is quite lightweight as compared to other high-end gaming monitors making it worth the price.

LG 34GP83A-B review

The connectivity of this monitor is unbeatable because of the number of ports it comes with; 1 x 1.14 DisplayPort, 2.0 HDMI ports, 1 USB Up-stream, USB Down-steam, and 1 Headphone port.

With these numbers of ports, there does not seem any need for Thunderbolt or USB-C. All the gaming technologies such as FreeSync and G-Sync can be supported over HDMI and DisplayPort. The 1.4 DisplayPort offers a maximum of 85Hz for 3440 x 1440p display resolution.

Overall, the connectivity of the LG34GP83A-B is not compromised at any cost; whatever feature or function you are using for pro-level gaming, you will get maximum connectivity with multiple connectivity input/output options without any single interference.


Screen Size


Screen Curvature



3440×1440 (UWQHD)

Aspect Ratio

21:9 (UltraWide)

Panel Type

Nano IPS

Refresh Rate

144Hz (10-bit color)

160Hz OC (8-bit or 10-bit w/ 4:2:2)

Adaptive Sync

FreeSync (48Hz-160Hz)

G-SYNC Compatible

Response Time

1ms (GtG)


DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0

Other Ports

2x USB 3.0, Headphone Jack


400 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio

1000:1 (static)


1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC)
98% DCI-P3


HDR10, VESA DisplayHDR 400


Yes (100x100mm)


  • Ultra-wide QHD display screen
  • Highest display resolution of 3440 x 1440p
  • Ultra-thin bezels with matte finish screen coating
  • Ultimate IPS 1ms response panel and 160 Hz refresh rate
  • Features VESA compatible mounting
  • Compatible with G-Sync, Radeon AMD Premium, Dynamic Action Sync technology


  • Cannot swivel only height and tilt is possible
  • Little expensive
  • Low 1000:1 contrast ratio


The LG 34GP83A-B monitor is equipped with the latest hardware components, ultra-slim design, sleek borders, and sensory experience. Due to its focused gaming features like NVIDIA G-Sync technology and IPS panels, this monitor is ranked no:1 in gaming-oriented monitors in the United States.

The dapper, borderless look of the LG-34GP83A-B is enough to make a solid impression on hardcore gamers and professionals who seek speed, translucency, and durability. 

If gaming is your only focus, then UltraGear LG34GP83A-B is the right monitor that will serve you well.


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