fix chair - How to fix a squeaky office chair


If you are the kind of person who needs complete silence while you’re working on something, your chair squeaking sound would be annoying. Be it any kind of desk job, for instance let's take the programmer job. 

Having comfortable chairs for programmers alone is not enough, a small squeaky sound can destroy your concentration. 

So if your chair squeaks when you lean back or try to move it around, then you can count on this article.  As this article will address the various reasons behind the office chair squeaking and how you can fix it with minimal effort.

SQUEAKY - How to fix a squeaky office chair


There are multiple reasons for an office chair to squeak when in use, and it’s not difficult to figure out where the noise is coming from. Now, let’s go through the different steps involved in fixing a squeaky office chair/desk chair. 

Step 1: Inspect the source of noise 

There are different ways to figure out where the noise is coming from. You can ask someone else from your office to sit on it while you listen to the squeaking chair and figure out the source.

The other way is to sit on the squeaky chair while carefully listening to the sound and where it is coming from. You should carry out this step before moving on with oiling joints, etc. Chances are, you might accidentally spend a lot of time on the parts that are already in perfect shape.

fix chair - How to fix a squeaky office chair

However, if you can’t figure out the perfect spot, mark the area/part where you think the sound is coming from so you can work on it.

STEP 2: Be prepared with the correct tools 

Once you have an idea of where the noise might probably be originating from, it’s time to get a hold of the correct tools required for the task.

Here’s a list of all the necessary tools:

  • A screwdriver/wrench
  • A metal hammer
  • A rubber mallet
  • Some nails
  • A drill
  • Some bolt remover bits
  • Lubricants, like WD-40
  • Heavy-duty construction adhesive

Mostly, you will have all these tools in a toolbox lying around in the garage or storage room. All of these tools should be sufficient enough to do the repairing part.

check the screws  - How to fix a squeaky office chair

STEP 3: Check the screws, bolts, and nuts used for the chair

One of the common reasons for a squeaking office chair is loose bolts or screws. If you find any loose screws or bolts, get the screwdriver and tighten each bolt to the chair appropriately.

If you can’t find any loose bolts or screws, double-check by flipping the chair upside down and carefully analyze every part of the chair carefully. You can use a wrench to carry out this task. Try to tighten the ones who might not look loose as well.

STEP 4: clean all the rusted parts PROPERLY 

In case your squeaky computer chair has any metal parts, you need to make sure that the nuts, screws, and bolts have not caught rust. If you find any screw/bolt with rust, you need to clean them up with steel wool or toothbrushes.

Another alternative is to put the rusted part in vinegar/carbonated liquid. There might be some screws/bolts with so much rust that you wouldn’t be able to clean them. For this scenario, you can simply replace the rusted parts with new ones.

Apply lubricant to the joints and moving parts

The rusted parts that can’t be replaced have to be resolved by using a lubricant. The best lubricant to fix squeaky chair is the

This step is relatively easy to understand and perform. You simply need to apply lubricant to the joints and the screws, nuts, bolts. This reduces friction and also loosens the joints, which might be one of the reasons for squeaking.

Another good practice is to ask someone to sit on the chair and swivel/shake it while you are lubricating. If it is a wooden chair, make sure that the nuts and bolts are dry when you put them back into the wood.

STEP 5: Check the wheel of the chair

The next step is to take a look at the wheel and make sure that it’s fitted properly. The wheels of a chair are installed via a metal post, so there are possibilities of the metal rusting down over time.

This causes the axles of the wheel to creak from friction. Flip the chair upside down and remove the wheels. You can apply a good type of spray(silicone) to tighten the wheels.

The lubrication process for the wheel is similar to the one done for the joints and moving parts. Repeat these steps and fit the wheels back to the chair.

STEP 6: Make the attachment firmer using glue

Despite the lubrication of the chair parts, if the squeaky noise occurs, then try this step.

There are different types of glue available for adhering to the wooden or metal parts of the squeaking chair. The best type of glue that you can use is  wood glue if working for office chairs.  

You can also fix the loose joints by gluing it. Make sure that the glue is dried up before you ask someone else to sit on it and check for the source of the sound.

Another alternative for glue is using a swelling liquid on the loosened joints. The shrinking of the dowels might be a reason for the squeaking. You simply need to remove the limbs and get access to the dowels. After that, apply the liquid to the dowel and reassemble the legs.

STEP 7: Make sure the springs are arranged properly

Another reason for an office chair to make a squeaking noise when you lean back should be the springs attached to the seat. To solve this problem, you need to spread oil on the turn knob. This will reduce the tension between the turn knob and the housing end.

STEP 8: Check your mouse or look for another chair

This might sound amusing at first, but you should check if you’re not confusing your mouse creaks with the chair squeaks. This applies only if the chair is still squeaking even after carrying out the above steps properly. 

If still the squeaky sound persists then it is time to invest in the best budget office chair that doesn't squeak.


Although the entire process might be tedious, fixing a squeaky office chair is much better than jumping to conclusions and spending money when not needed. Also, the process might finish in no time if you find spot the area that causes the squeaking sound quickly. I hope this article helped you fixing your squeaking office chair. Thanks for reading through!


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