How to charge the PS5 controller


Even before the launch of PlayStation 5, it already made a lot of hype. Due to this, people went crazy with the pre-registrations, and after its launch, it sold like hotcakes. With the release of the next-gen console, Sony also touted the next-gen wireless controller.

The controller now was coming with advanced haptics, giving the players a more immersive feel. The consoles provided a great gaming experience with a clean user interface. 

ps5 charger - How to charge the PS5 controller

But, not everyone is technologically updated to keep up with the change. Considering that the buyers of these consoles are mainly parents who are technologically challenged in most cases, it becomes important to discuss the technical aspects. This is why we’ll try to cover every nook and cranny of the technical aspects that people with the new console can come across.

How to charge a DualSense wireless controller

When the PS5 was announced, what came as a moment of respite was the fact that Sony finally decided to provide USB type C on the PS5 controllers as we know that USB type C is currently the industry standard.

It made charging and docking the controller fairly simple. Let’s now learn the various methods that can be used to charge the controllers - 

Dock station:
The Dual Sense Controller comes with a proprietary EXT Socket that allows you to charge it with a docking station. Whenever you want to charge the Dual Sense controller using the docking station, simply put the controller on the station and align it properly.

USB cable:
To charge the Dual Sense Wireless controller through a USB cable, follow the below guidelines-

  • Step 1: Take the USB-C cable and insert the USB type-A port into the power adapter, or you can also put the type-A port directly into the console to charge the controller.
  • Step 2: The Type-C port will go directly into the bottom of the controller. USB-C to USB-C type cable can also be used as the console comprises both USB and Type-C port in the front. The USB Type-C also provides for fast charging, which, according to leak data, suggests that only with 5 minutes of charge, the controller can provide 30 minutes of uninterrupted gaming.

How To Charge PS5 Controller Without Console

In the absence of the console, the PS5 controller can be charged using the USB type C cable in the following way-

Begin by inserting the USB type C port of the cable into the top of the controller. Furthermore, insert the Type-A port into a power brick and then insert it into a wall socket to start charging.

How To Charge PS5 Controller From The Wall

For charging the PS5 controller through a wall socket, the first that is needed is a power brick compatible with the socket type. Once you have the power brick, simply insert the USB cable’s Type-A port into the power brick and the USB-C port into the Dual Sense Controller for charging.

How To Charge PS5 Controller On PC

In the case of a PC, the process of charging the PS5 controller is quite straightforward. Insert the Type C port into the top of the controller and the Type-A port into the USB port of your computer to begin charging.


Once you get the hang of the technical aspects of the PS5, your overall user experience will improve drastically, allowing you to cherish the mesmerizing ray tracing visuals on your favorite games with minimum interruptions. In this post, we have tried to provide you with some basic guides on issues that a buyer might come across. Stay tuned for more.


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