Dual-screen setups are becoming more and more common by the day. Graphic designers, video editors, gamers, use this type of setup.

It is no surprise that a dual monitor setup has several advantages to it. However, as things go in life, you win some, you lose some. There are many pros of a dual-screen setup, but there can be drawbacks also.

One of those drawbacks is that an unintentional click will open or close an application; you won’t be able to play games on full screen as moving your mouse will affect the other screen(s) as well.


In order to prevent this issue from arising, you need to know how to lock mouse to one monitor, specific monitor so it won’t move too far and reach the other screens. So, in this article, I am going to tell you a remedy by answering the question how to lock mouse to one monitor. 

Note: Before we start, there is something you need to do. Unfortunately, there is no official way of doing so. Meaning Windows does not allow you to lock your mouse onto just a single monitor if you have a multiple-screen setup.

This is quite unfortunate and hopefully something they solve soon in an update. So, in order to do so, you must make use of third-party applications as there is no other way, as of the writing of this article.

There are many developers out there creating software and codes via which you can lock your mouse onto a single screen. Some of the most famous third-party application that you can use are:

  • Cursor Lock
  • Dual Monitor Tools
  • Mouse Trapper

Let us take Mouse Trapper as it is a most preferred choice and see how it works.

Mouse Trapper

Mouse Trapper is an application that limits your mouse to a single screen and can only access the other screen(s) when you allow it to. It is a handy tool for those individuals that work on or play on multiple-screen setups and need to keep track of their mouse.

I won’t dive too deep into explaining it as if you wish to understand it thoroughly, and there is a Help Page that will explain to you everything you need to know about Mouse Trapper.


how you can use Mouse Trapper to lock your mouse to one monitor

  • Step 1: First, what you need to do is download Mouse Trapper. You can download it using CNET or Softpedia.
  • Step 2: Now, you need to open the program
  • Step 3: After opening it, a welcome message will be displayed. Click on Continue.
  • Step 4: Mouse Trapper is free to use. It is a freemium software, so you can buy it, but you can use the free version by clicking “Cancel Registration.”
  • Step 5: After opening Mouse Trapper, you will see plenty of options. Pick whichever one suits you the best and test it out.

With Mouse Trapper, you can, as the name might suggest, trap the mouse to a single monitor. This will come in handy whilst gaming and just overall preventing any sort of misclicks. You can still move across screens, though. You will get an option to select a key. Using this pre-selected key, you can move across multiple monitors. 

Things to Note

This is not an advertisement. I do make any profit by recommending Mouse Trapper. It was the first software I came across that would help me remedy this issue. I use multiple monitors and MOBA mouse for gaming the most time but also for editing.

I was quite frustrated with the mouse going past the screen I am using, so I was looking for the answer to how to lock mouse to one monitor. There is other software you can use, as I mentioned above; some of them are Cursor Lock and Dual Monitor Tools, but I suggested the ones that I use. There can be some compatibility issues, so do try other software if this does not work for you. I tested this on Windows 10. 


The above article was written by me in order to answer the question how to lock mouse to one monitor. It is quite annoying and something, I am surprised, Windows does not offer. Hopefully, they will add this feature soon, but for now, we have to rely on alternate solutions like third-party software.

Mouse Trapper is what I recommended, and it is the most convenient. It can get annoying as they keep asking you to buy the pro version, and if it works for you, you should. Support the developers. Anyways, I hope this article helped you out, and thanks for reading!


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