not charging - PS5 Controller Not Charging

PS5 Controller Not Charging

Being an avid gamer, I know how irritating it would be if my PS5 controller doesn't charge properly.

If you have encountered the same situation, this article can help you solve the problem or at least tell you why your PS5 controller is not charging.  There are many reasons for your PS5 controller not charging. In most cases, you can fix this charging problem on your own. 

charging - PS5 Controller Not Charging

What are the causes & fixes of the PS5 controller not charging?

There are quite a lot of things that might cause charging problems in the PS5.

Some of them are:

Charging cable: This is the major or the most common cause of charging problems. If you are charging your controller via a charging cable, the issue might lie in the charging cable. You can't just spot it out by looking at the issue because there might also be a problem with the internal wiring.

Fix: As mentioned earlier, the charging cable might have some issues. So first, check the charging cable works well with other devices. If you are using a typical USB cable for charging, connect it with your smartphone or speakers and check if the cable is working. You can also test it with a different PS5 controller. If your existing charging doesn't work on any controller then buy a new PS5 charging cable

PS5 Controller Not Charging

Battery issue: The DualSense controller comes with an inbuilt battery that can't be removed. If this battery no longer gets charged or maintains the charge level, it must be repaired. But there is a rare chance of batteries getting repaired in a controller, especially if it is a new one.

Also, even after your PS5 is turned off, if you keep your DualSense controller connected to the USB port, then it may drain your battery level overnight or over an extended period.

Fix: It is highly recommended to disconnect the DualSense controller from the USB port when charging its internal battery. But if the PS5 battery is recharging, then you can wait until it gets charged completely.

USB ports: If your USB ports are dirty and have dust in them, it might affect the charging process. So it is necessary to clean your USB ports regularly.

Fix: Check if the charging ports are clean or anything is blocking the connection and damaging it. If the ports are dirty, then clean them gently using a brush.

Console's fault: If your controller is suffering from some internal damage, it won't work properly. The damage can be either physical or manufacturing error. Either way, it is recommended to contact the Sony store.

Software: If the software update is not done properly or corrupted, the controller might not charge correctly as expected.

Fix: Connect your controller to the PS5 console, and when plugged in, start your console and check out for firmware update. If any update is available, then immediately update it. Also, when you boot up your console, the firmware update pops up automatically.

Other Fixes For PS5 Controller Not Charging

Charge your controller on a charging station
This is the best alternative. You can connect your controller to a charging station and try charging your controller. Usually, charging stations are more reliable than the USB cable charging method.

Contact support
If none of the fixes mentioned above work with your controller, then contact support and seek help. If your PlayStation is still under warranty, you can contact customer support and get your issue fixed. Sony's dedicated customer support can greatly assist you in repairing issues.


So that's it, folks. First, you need to analyze the cause of the problem and then try the above-given fixes. I hope you will solve the PS5 charging problem by your own. If you still have trouble fixing it, feel free to comment on it; I will help you out. 


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