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In this post, we will try to discuss and fix PS5 crashing issue. Consoles are an intricate amalgamation of hardware components and software whose collaborative working is essential for a seamless experience.

But, as we know that no electrical component is perfect, so sometimes, there can be software and hardware glitches. As the new-gen consoles are powerful machines, they have more complex components with a lot of elements, so understanding them can become quite complex, especially for non-technical users.

ps5 crashing

PS5 Games Crashing Fix

A lot of PS5 users are facing game crashes on their PS5 and are not able to figure out the real issue behind the problem. Though the real reason is not yet known, we have found a quick fix that can help. Kindly follow along-

ps5 crashing
  • Step 1-First close all of your games.
  • Step 2-Click the home button and then, Go to power and select Turn Off PS5.
  • Step 3-Hold down the power button until it beeps twice.
  • Step 4-Connect the controller via USB and press the PS button, and you will enter Safe mode.
  • Step 5-In the safe mode, select “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database”
  • Step 6-Select “Clear System Software cache” and then press Ok.
  • Step 7-After Step 6, the PS5 will reboot once it does that. Repeat Steps 1-4.
  • Step 8-In the safe mode click, “Clear Cache and Rebuild Memory,” but now click “Rebuild Memory,” and wait until the console reboots.
  • Step 9-If after following the above 8 steps, some of your games get locked, Go to Settings-User and Accounts-Other and then click “Restore Licenses.”
  • Step 10-Click “Console Sharing and Offline play” and enable that.

PS5 Keeps Crashing During Gameplay

If you are facing game crashes on your PS5, you can try rebuilding your databases as explained above, and if that doesn’t work, you can try disabling the rest mode. To do that, follow the below steps -

ps5 game crash
  • Step 1: Go to the setting menu on your PS5
  • Step 2: Once in the settings menu, go to Power Saving and then click on Rest mode. 
  • Step 3: And to turn off Rest mode, just select Don’t Put In Rest Mode
  • Step 4: After following the above steps reboot the PS5

PS5 Crashing While Downloading

Sometimes when you try to download a game on your PS5, the download won’t begin, and when you check the download queue, it shows zero progress with zero listed errors. If you are facing this issue, then follow along.

  • Step 1- Ensure that your PS5 is updated to the latest firmware
  • Step 2- Power off your PS5
  • Step 3- Press on the power button until you hear the second beep.
  • Step 4- Connect your controller via USB and press the PS button; This will take you into safe mode.
  • Step 5- Once in the safe mode, Select “Rebuild Database” and then wait for the PS5 to reboot.
  • Also, be mindful of the amount of disk space that your games have already taken.


Since the launch of PS5, the software has had quite some bugs but, the community has been strong to bring out regular fixes. We have included some of those fixes and hope that the above solutions would have helped you in solving your problem.


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