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GoPros are extremely fun! They take away the bulkiness of a proper camera without losing its utility and quality. I, being a moto and travel vlogger, find GoPros to be an absolute game-changer and my go-to choice.

If you are planning on getting one for yourself and already have one, you might be wondering “how to charge a GoPro”. Well, in this article, let me clear all your doubts.

charge gopro - HOW TO CHARGE GOPRO

How to charge a GoPro?

  • Step 1: Turn the camera off
  • Step 2: Insert one end of the included USB charging cable into the charging port of the GoPro and the other end into a wall charger.
  • Step 3: Turn the power on, and you will see a red light turn on.
  • Step 4: The red light indicates that it is charging. When the red light turns off, this means that the batteries are fully charged.

A standard power brick, aka wall charger, the one that you get with your mobile phone, will do the job quite well. But if you ever intend to take a Timelapse video or for any continuous video shoot, the battery will drain out faster than you think. In such case you need to have some extra batteries or power banks.  If you want, in newer GoPro models, namely Hero (2018), 5, 6, and Fusion, there is the option for fast-charging, but it differs when you charge GoPro Hero 7

If you want to fast-charge these, you can use a 5V/3A charger. Using a standard wall charger, your GoPro should charge from 0 to 100% in about 2 hours. If you are using a fast charger, the charging speed goes up by 70%.

Which type of USB cable do you require for your GoPro?


Well, it depends upon the model of your GoPro. There are 3 types of USB charging cables:

  • USB-C
  • Micro USB
  • Mini USB

GoPro makes it easier for the customers by keeping up with the times and updating the USB charging cable based upon which one is more relevant.

  • Older GoPros require a Mini USB. GoPro 4 Black/Silver and all the models that came before it uses Mini USB
  • GoPro Hero 4 Session and GoPro Hero Session require a Micro USB cable
  • All the models ranging between GoPro Hero 5 Session and GoPro Hero 8 Black use USB TYPE-C or USB-C for short.

Now, since GoPros are the preferred choices of people that like to go far and travel to places where you might not have electricity, there are other options via which you can charge up the batteries. Let us look at them below:

Different Ways To Charge A GoPro

1. Using your Laptop/PC: 

Your laptop and PC both come equipped with a USB port using which you can charge the batteries on your GoPro. This is a low-current power source, so it will take double the amount of time a standard power source (like a mobile charger) will take. To put a number on it, approximately 4 hours to fully charge.

2. Powerbanks: 


If you are an avid traveler or own an iPhone, you probably have a power bank. Most power banks have a power output of 5V and 1A, but there are some capable of 2A as well, so the charging time can vary depending upon your power bank’s specifications.

3. Vehicle Charger and Solar Chargers: 

If you are somewhere with no electricity at all, you can charge your GoPro using a Solar Charger. These are expensive and charge slowly, but as long as there is sunlight, they will work, so it is a worthwhile investment if you intend on going off the grid. Car/Bike Chargers are a viable option, too, if you are on the road.

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4. Charging kit-station:

If you have multiple GoPro batteries, charging them individually can take a long time and, well, more important than that, it is quite a hassle. So, if you plan on charging multiple batteries simultaneously, it is a good decision to invest in a charging kit station.

These charging station kits will ensure that your batteries are topped up for the entire day, and anytime the battery in your camera runs out, simply swap it out with one in the station. These multiple battery chargers are designed for specific battery types. Make sure that the one you are getting supports the battery in your GoPro’s model.

The above methods were in regards to the topic of this article, “how to charge a GoPro”. Since we are on the subject of battery, here tips on increasing the battery life of your GoPro:

  • Keep the batteries warm even during cold weathers
  • Turn off ProTune
  • Keep the LCD display off
  • Try to not use the app or remote control
  • Decrease frame rate or audio recording resolution
  • Keep it updated
  • Turn off additional, not currently is use settings like the GPS, WiFi, etc.


In the above article, I answered the question” How to charge a GoPro”. There are multiple ways of charging it, but arguably the best method is charging via a wall charger. Anyways, hope this article helped and thanks for reading!


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